Spurs Weigh Up Move for Manuel Lanzini

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 12, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Donki
    I've said I would fancy a move for him a few times but most people on here don't rate him it seems, and I don't know why. He basically took us apart single handed last season.
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  2. Everlasting Seconds
    It was only a matter of time before this link appeared in the media. I will say that he is certainly speedy and would probably have been useful as a squad option this season. You could consider him as a cheap version of Dembele. And since Dembele isn't playing at all, a cheap version of him probably wouldn't be entirely useless.
  3. Japhet

    Wouldn't describe him as speedy and I think we'll get Barkley. pretty non plussed by both of them tbh.
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  4. Everlasting Seconds
    :confused:. That's like saying "Wouldn't describe Britain as trying to leave the EU". Lanzini moves with the ball in a way that's akin to how Dembele does it, but Lanzini is much quicker with the ball. Players who can actually run quickly with the ball in their feet, that's a rare treat. In an ulterior reality with Lanzini in he squad this season, he would have been playing quite a lot.
  5. Danners9
    Not bothered about Lanzini. Difficult for anyone to shine in that WH side but I don't see him as much more than a bench player for Spurs.

    Also, I don't think this is even likely. Spurs might like him, but WHU will do their usual 'we don't sell to rivals' and then give him a ridiculous pricetag anyway.
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  6. Mullers
    I don't want him, I want Onomah to be given a chance.
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  7. shelfboy68
    I don't think onomah will come back personally.
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  8. rupsmith
    A lot of our players would be squad players in other teams. They are these top performers primarily because of Poch. I always regretted us getting rid of Sigurdsson - was astounded when we did. Just imagine what he would have become had he continued with us. A more clinical inventive Eriksen.

    Lanzini also someone who has that subtle creativity we could use to win the 1-0 games. I think we should go for him and maybe Barkley as well.
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  9. Danners9
    'A lot' - like who? they've become top players, which means they are top players.

    Don't agree at all with your view of Sigurdsson. At all. If you could bring players on for set pieces then take them off, that would be him in this current Spurs side.

    Subtle creativity, yes. But that means either spending big money on a bench player, which is what I said, or bigger money on someone to displace Eriksen - which isn't going to happen. Don't think Lanzini is the one, or that WHU would sell to Spurs.
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  10. ginola007
    With Karen Brady still in charge of WH, we have no chance of getting him, unless they are relagated at the end of the season.
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  11. TottenhamMattSpur
    That should twist the knife into them quite nicely.
  12. Gaz_Gammon

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  13. Kiedis
    This guy is actually quality. Would shine in a side as good as ours.
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  14. Everlasting Seconds
    He is reportedly in the 70.000 - 85.000 range?
  15. gusrowe
    Just another rumour or press speculation in my book. I think come January we should move for Barkley, young, English talent with a point to prove. I think under Poch coaching will develop into a Star Spurs player
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  16. rupsmith
    Delle Ali would probably be on a premier league bench as would Kane (maybe not even in the premier league).

    Go to 2:20

    On Sigurdsson, sir while you are obviously entitled to your view, I would defer to Poch on this one.

    While I agree not everyone may rate Lanzini, I can only speak from whenever I see the guy play. Movement, touch, creativity, pace with the ball - strong mentally when he is up for it like during the derbies. I think with the Poch treatment, he could be a real buy. One person I was surprised Poch let go was Vincent Jenssen - but clearly something was not right in the training ground for him to be let go to Turkey.
  17. Sweetsman
    I think he's very good and someone who can open up spaces vertically, more so than Dembélé. As soon as he came on against us in the Carabao Cup, West Ham became more incisive. However, I can't see them selling him to us. This news item is just us putting out feelers.
  18. Danners9
    Alli was close to moving to Liverpool before moving to Spurs. There's a good chance he would have played - they don't mind giving players a chance.

    Some nice words about a former player who moved soon after Pochettino arrived just before Spurs played Swansea is no guarantee he would have made it 3yrs on. Spurs has changed in that time.

    What did Janssen show that meant you were 'surprised' he let him move on? was it all the goals? the confident performances? the pace and technique?

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