Son Heung-min donates £100k to South Korean fire victims


Jun 29, 2003
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The Spurs striker's donation comes after a giant forest fire in his homeland destroyed around 400 homes, with two people confirmed dead.

Source: Goal

EDIT by A&C: The link is hanging so here's what The Sun say

TOTTENHAM superstar Son Heung-min has donated £100,000 after thousands of people were evacuated from their homes during wildfires in his native South Korea.

The player's home region of Gangwon, in the north-east of the country, was hit by a huge blaze believed to have been started by a spark at a transformer near Goseong County.

An estimated 135 homes were destroyed with two dead after high winds slept the flames across the area.

A national emergency was declared as fire fighters put out the fire, leading to Spurs winger Son sending the donation.

"It's nothing compared to what the victims have sacrificed,” he said, as quoted by Goal.

“Although I'm living abroad, I know what's happening in my home country.

“I think it's something I should do when there's a big disaster in my home country.

“I believe money does not matter. The most important thing is a mind to do something for the victims."
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