"'Smelling of Roses" Danny Rose is applauded by his Tottenham team-mates'

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by beuller, Aug 11, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by beuller, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Llord Flashheart
    Thanks for posting Bueller, fair play, mate, but not giving them the satisfaction of the click.
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  2. Dougal
    Even if this was true, it's not roses that the fans, the loyal paying supporters of the club, are smelling right now. The Sun are praising him for dumping on us and looking after his fellow millionaires. Did someone say 'Tory rag'?
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  3. beuller
    I would never normally post from this terrible publication.

    But this is why I believe what Rose has done is so out of order.

    He has broken ranks and either naively or intentionally and harmfully given the gutter press the ammunition to hurt the start of our season.

    If I was poch I would be nothing short of fuming.

    As a fan, if he doesn't apologise, I don't think I can support him.
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  4. beuller
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  5. double0
    So unnecessary. The club has to show strength.
  6. Dougal
    The club need to win games. We have a tricky start but results are necessary to shout this down. These are the only headlines we need to supply the papers. What they want is for comments to drag us into this shit. How they laugh at the fans is sickening. But then the Sun has a history of belittling fans. Disgraceful.
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  7. Everlasting Seconds
    This is the question I'm left with. Given the timing, given that Rose knew everything he needed about this several weeks back, and given the amateurish use of exclusive media time, did he in fact seek to cause maximum harm for the club by waiting until days before the first match of the season?
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  8. sebo_sek
    And I for one minute don't believe the bit about the others on the tranining ground. The ITK shows a different picture.
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  9. Yidi Knight
    I personally think that Mourinho is getting the rags to push his agenda ...
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  10. Spurs1961
    Whether intentional or not, we're going to have to sing the Danny Rose song and cheer the team from our first home game onwards - if we boo, and create a negative atmosphere, it will sour the mood and rub off on the rest of the team
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  11. sebo_sek
    Oh, and just for the record. To those who say that this shows what is WRONG with THFC, I say jog on to support PSG. They spend a lot and have a team of marquee players you don't need google for.
    I will stick with Spurs who actually do what a club supposed to - find good players, make them better, pay them respectable wages (tens of thousands A WEEK) and still develop at a steady pace.
    You want to wank off to a huge new name in your team every time you look into the paper - the City's and Chelsea's of this world welcome you with open arms.
    Danny Rose can eff-off with the rest of you.

    Now I feel better.
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  12. ostrov
    People need just see the building of new Spurs Stadium to understand that an interview in the Sun with Rose pales in comparison, it's nothing, will be forgotten in a couple of days but the real thing is there for all to see. No one is bigger than the Club.
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  13. shelfmonkey
    It looks like 'they' have found and exploited a chink in the club's armour and the sun is claiming the victory. Those who still believe there is no conspiracy against the likes of THFC by the moneyed scumbags at the top the game, I include TV and media in this, must now realise that a status quo is essential to their cash grabbing cabal and that clubs like Spurs are a real and present danger.
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  14. newbie
    I could live with roses first comments but comming out again and saying he was applauded has pissed me off. Who is to believe our ITK or Rose/sun either way now I have lost all respect for rose.

    A lot of money has been paid for players who are not super stars, most teams have not improved much and spent a lot of money, Chelsea are they stronger or weaker ( without costa can't see him playing for them) going in to the season? I dont know where these players are we could buy, to improve the market is fucked up Arsenal have signed 2 players one for free. PSG will have spent 2/3 maybe the value of the club on 2 players if you say naymar was £450 mil.
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  15. tcyrus
    Couldn't put it better myself.
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  16. jonnyrotten
    Good man. Scum paper. The act as if the are for the working clases but they dont give a shit.
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  17. Indacupfortottenham
    Yep, they are scared of us and our model makes theirs look crazy.
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  18. double0
    Tottenham's wages in today's premiership market needs to be addressed, let's be honest here, when your hear of players of like Andy Grey of Watford getting 100k a week Jessy Lingard on 100k and certain academy players on 30-50k the pricing has gone crazy.
    Rose highlighting the disparity of wages at Spurs maybe correct on a moral point but it's pretty silly doing so publicly to the Sun news paper he is basically forcing the hand of the club.
    We all know the reasoning behind the stadium build...its to be more competitive with wages and once built wages will reflect the market rates I am 100% sure of that.

    The whole idea of going to the papers has really pissed me off though so close to the start of the season. Pochettinho can't be pleased about that, imagine Alex Fergusons response!

    Anyway, we must manager the situation including Rose, get the players on side and focused... The rest will sort itself out in time one way or the other if player need to go for financial gain so be it. The clubs more important.
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