Sam Shashoua


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Mar 1, 2013
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Thought Sam should have a thread.

Here's a write up:

Greatest hits so far:

Assist vs. Espanyol B
Goal vs. Villareal B
Goal vs. Ontinyent

According to transfermarkt, he's scored three goals and registered two assists. Not a bad return for 15 starts. Atletico Baleares are fourth in the league after 18 games and now have a winter break.

Here are some liberally translated messages from fans:

the grandstand trusts you, not all matches or plays can go as we want. You are a different player, you have a lot of quality in your boots.
Never been happier for someone to score vs @ VillarrealCF . Lighting it up right now. Remember The Name @ Sam_shash @ atleticbalears
We already know that he will not stay, but he is a guy with a future
What it does @Sam_shash is outrageous. "The Devil with Angel face" of @atleticbalears
The English footballer of l ' @ atleticbalears is the great sensation d'aquest of the season to Segona B
@ Sam_shash has achieved something that no other player of any category or team has achieved, that I am considering not drinking in games to enjoy their magic with the 5 senses to 100%.
I would have titled the "Show of Sam"
You are a show !!! Congratulations kid!
What a player the @ Sam_shash ! What an exhibition!
@ Sam_shash is a show, play at @ atleticbalears in Second B, transferred from @ SpursOfficial . FROM ANOTHER PLANET
Surely @Sam_shash is one of the players that has impressed me most live on #2bg3. Talent and daring of another dimension. Promises a lot.
In a couple of days @ Sam_shash has won the fans, no doubt a great player
Samuel, waching you play is delightful. Congrats & thanks for today's victory.
In a very short time @ Sam_shash is already an idol among the blue and white fans. The young footballer of Tottenham did not stop at Son Malferit to take photos with the fans and sign autographs.
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Jul 16, 2004
All the hypes been on Edwards but sams a really talented player, and we have two Shashoua brothers 😀


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Sep 1, 2013
Glad to see he's doing well. He would likely offer more than GKN, if we give him a chance in the summer.

Blake Griffin

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Oct 3, 2011
Commentator certainly enjoyed it!

I'd forgotten all about this lad, anyone know if he has a chance with us?
still has a chance, sure, but how much of one is difficult to say. if he does make it i wouldn't expect to see him until he's 22-23 given his size, though it looks to me like he's packed on quite a bit of muscle in the past 12 months which is good and something he definitely needed to do. he showed good strength to hold off the defender for that goal, a year or so ago he'd have probably been knocked over. his team are top of their league and look to be going up so i don't think him going back there next season to play in the spanish 2nd division would be the worst idea. once you send these lads out on loan i think you have to follow it up and see the process through so whether it's back to his current team or somewhere else he needs to be playing regularly next year.