Ryan Mason retires

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Greenspur, Feb 13, 2018 at 11:18 AM.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Greenspur, Feb 13, 2018 at 11:18 AM.

  1. TottenhamMattSpur
    I hope we offer him a chance to stay in the game somehow.
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  2. Col_M
    Shame that. I hope he invests his. Indy wisely.
  3. mawspurs
    Such a shame. Good luck to Ryan wherever his life takes him now
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  4. Hoddlegenius
    Really sad news ☹️
    Would be great if the club found a role for him.
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  5. R_1001001
    Really sad to hear this. Cahill put in a seriously dangerous header challenge (i.e. he attacked it ferociously, having full view, knowing Mason was blindsided and couldn't see the challenge coming).

    C***hill .... :mad:
    I hope someone flying headers him in a pub somewhere.
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  6. wakefieldyid
    It's so sad to see a genuinely talented young player, who'd come through the ranks, have his career ended so early. I'm just glad to see that he seems well-grounded lad, and has a loving family to support him. Good luck, Ryan.
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  7. 1882andallthat
    Terribly sad news to hear he has had to retire, all the best to him in whatever he goes onto next.
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  8. Spurs 1961
    What a sad day for him and his family. Wish him all the best for the future
  9. Gazza2K2
    Such a shame. Hopefully he'll remain in the game in some capacity and get himself over to WHL next season
  10. jolsnogross
    Whatever about a job for him at the club - surely something he'd have to train for and work up to - the club should consider a testimonial for him sometime next year at the new stadium. He was a good pro for us, one of our own, and it would be a really good gesture.

    Spurs and Hull could coordinate on it and give the guy a nice last farewell gift from the game before he moves on to any number of opportunities in his life. Hopefully his head injury doesn't affect him in any other endeavour he chooses to follow. Good luck to him.
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  11. Phantom
    Very sad news, was a fan of his and although I understood why it was sad to see him sold.
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  12. Japhet
    Terribly sad news. He must be devastated to have had his career snatched away from him so early. Hope he succeeds in whatever he does next. Hope THFC do right by him, as I'm sure they will.
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  13. newbie
    Poor Ryan he deserves better, hope everything works out for him good guy met him a few times, shame he never forfilled his potential.
  14. Buggsy61
    Terrible news.

    My abiding memory of him will be him and Bentaleb beating up the Woolwich midfield 3 years ago when we beat them 2-1 (Kane x 2). He ran himself into the ground that day, and you literally could not have asked for anything more.
    Hope he has a good insurance policy and is set up for life. Maybe see him back as a match day host or he could even get into coaching - seems like someone with determination so this hopefully will not be the last we hear of him.
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  15. yid-down-under
    Much as I detest Cahill and the club he plays for I seriously doubt he intended to fracture Ryan's skull and end his career
  16. yid-down-under
    Gutted to hear this news. Was sad when we sold him.... imagine if we hadn't
  17. eddiebailey
    So sad when he had fought so hard to overcome so many setbacks. So much unfulfilled potential. Tributes rolling in on Twitter from his old Academy mates - Townsend, Obika, Pritchard, Archer, Kane - saying what a privilege it was to have played with him.
  18. eddiebailey
    Could happen. McKenna, Wells, Burch all found their way back into coaching jobs at Spurs after their careers were cut short.

    What a fantastic example he would be to the young lads at the club.
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  19. R_1001001
    I hear you mate ... But that's what a reckless challenge can do.
    Like someone driving like an idiot. They don't intend to damage anything/anyone, but the likelihood that they will increases.
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