Roma think they can sign Toby for just €12m

Jun 22, 2019
Suitors are being encouraged to make their move for Alderweireld as it’s common knowledge that the Belgian has a £25m release clause until July 26, 2019.

Serie A side Roma have been linked with a possible swoop for Alderweireld in recent days. On Thursday, Gazzetta dello Sport told their readers that Roma hope to sign Alderweireld at an even larger discount price: €12m. Roma believe they can pay under half of Alderweireld’s current release clause because the defender only has a year to run on his Spurs contract, while the Belgian turns 31 in 2020.

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Hopefully a ‘get outta ma club’ situation leading to Toby being a new contract and him signing it!


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Jun 2, 2005
A release clause is a release clause... The only way they get him for half the price is if Toby kicks up a mega shit storm about it.
The reason it's £25 million is because there's only a year left. He's a £50+ million defender.
The only reason it's 25 is that he signed a year before the market went bananas. That clause was exorbitant when we were signing him for 12 million.
Jul 24, 2005
Honestly if he signs for Roma they must be paying him a fortune the same as if CE signs for PSG.

Its so frustrating seeing these players going to clubs like that just for the money, if thats all you care about go to China and earn fortunes there at least you'll be honest about why your going there.


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Sep 21, 2005
Genuinely hilarious. Not only do they want to pay less than the release clause, they want to pay him less money than he's on now?! Isn't that the primary reason he's leaving?

So let me get this straight: Toby will leave to go to a team who hasn't won anything in over a decade, for less money? Sounds plausible


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Oct 29, 2016
I can't understand why the offers of 25m are not flying in from every top club who need a CB. You won't get better for that price. I'd be surprised if he ends up at roma.
Aug 22, 2010
Whilst I fully understand the release clause, Toby is crucial to our continued growth and development next season. He leaves and the defence looks shaky to me. Sanchez and Foyth at least a year away yet and Jan so much better alongside Toby. I’d be so disappointed if he left now and for Roma, why and really!!! If we don’t sign anyone else this summer this is the must player to retain 🤞🤞
Mar 18, 2005
I am assuming his wage demands are very high.

The story is we offered him a very big wage and then his agent talked him into asking for even more.

This is going to be his last contract I imagine. So £25m plus a high wage still makes him an expensive signing as they won't be getting much, if any, of a sell on fee.

He is top quality though when at his best. So the clubs that will be interested in him will be those who aren't looking or value. Utd seem an obvious choice but so far there doesn't appear to be any interest from them.

I assume we pay a higher wage than Roma so they seem an unlikely destination.


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Jul 11, 2005
As was mentioned in an earlier post, for the quoted Roma fee, it would surely make more sense to keep Toby and let him go for free next season, using him this year to take pressure off Sanchez and Foyth while they continue their learning curve.

The thing we need to consider is that if the above idea seems such a logical move, then obviously Poch and the coaching team have thought of it, and if these discussions and Roma links/fee are real (and they appear so) then clearly Poch must have other ideas - which we need to trust as he either has a plan and getting rid of Toby now is a part of it, or these links are rubbish. Also needs considering (from the players side) that living in Rome might have some appeal to Toby and his family perhaps ???