Ratings vs Southampton


  • Lloris

    Votes: 50 13.6%
  • Rose

    Votes: 64 17.3%
  • Verts

    Votes: 19 5.1%
  • Kaboul

    Votes: 13 3.5%
  • Naughton

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • Capoue

    Votes: 106 28.7%
  • Mason

    Votes: 15 4.1%
  • Lamela

    Votes: 21 5.7%
  • Eriksen

    Votes: 49 13.3%
  • Chadli

    Votes: 21 5.7%
  • Adebayor

    Votes: 4 1.1%
  • Dier

    Votes: 3 0.8%
  • Dembele

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • Kane

    Votes: 2 0.5%

  • Total voters


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Oct 17, 2006
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Good game
Capoue my MOM closely run by Eriksen
Their player Mane pissed me off big time.
Ratings later
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Jan 6, 2013
I thought Capoue was brilliant today. Difficult to choose between him and Eriksen for MOTM but Eriksen just wins it for me...


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Jul 3, 2004
who was the ref today, i can't remember the name but he was awful not just for spurs but for the game overall as he constantly blew for any tiny issue. 2/10 for the ref.


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May 31, 2011
Ok I give it a try:

Lloris - 7 - shaky contribution at times, otherwise solid and saved our arse against Wanyama

Vertonghen - 7.5 - liked the look today of him.
Kaboul - 6.5 - solid apart from one dodgy clearance who Wanyama nearl converted
Naughton - 6 - nothing wrong or outstanding the 30 minutes. Hope he is fit soon again, dont want to see Chiriches anywhere near the team
Rose - 6.5 - had a lot of work to do and was sometimes a bit in trouble. But dealt okay with it. Better than last season

Capoue - 7 - good game, protected well, gives away a freekick too easy at times. Expect a bit more work forward
Mason - 7 - tidy and faultless. Actually a player with a brain

Lamela - 6 - again a mixed bag. Nice quick passes and ideas but a lot of things dont come off and he is still without a goal
Chadli - 6.5 - nearly scored. Pretty nice assist and 3,4 more nice moments but there should be a bit more
Eriksen - 7.5 - best game of the season so far for him.

Adebayor - 6 - yeah it was better than last times but never a real threat for Southampton and way too frustrating in terms of fouls and offside situations. Maybe play him against Man City but then I really would like to see Soldado or Kane given a run.

Dier - 7 - out of position but not out of place: Like him.

Dembele + Kane = No ratings


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Jul 26, 2004
I thought Capoue was brilliant today. Difficult to choose between him and Eriksen for MOTM but Eriksen just wins it for me...
Still has (almost) costly lapses for me (like controlling the ball in our box right to their man) but his work rate was better today.

Younes was on a "do the simple things" intstruction today i think.
Thought Chadli, Lamela and Eriksen all did well and linked up with each other quite well and Mason grew as the game went on, still not fully match fit IMO.

Rose was all action again, and Dier did well coming on. Jan was solid.

Ade... The loneliness of a long distance runner (8 work his work off the ball 4 for his work on it)
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Mar 17, 2005
Verts MOTM imo. His defending in the second half where he closed the guy with the ball and covered his option of a ball across our box, which they wud have scored was brilliant.


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Jul 3, 2012
Really? I actually thought he was disappointing but not 'poor' by any means. He needs to improve his decision-making IMO.
Yep I thought he was instrumental in almost every single attack we made, especially during the counter, and slid in Adebayor a few times. For me his decision making was much better than it has been. Not to mention he won the ball back multiple times. His corners were also pretty good


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Jun 1, 2011
Rose MOTM for me, thought he had an immense game and took no prisoners.

I also felt that, at times, our forward progression was extremely quick and fluid against a side who pressed the space well.

Very happy with that performance.


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Aug 21, 2013
Really? I actually thought he was disappointing but not 'poor' by any means. He needs to improve his decision-making IMO.
He just keeps creating chances, yes he does the lose the ball sometimes.
In the first ten minutes he put player's in 3 times.
Nearly scored in the first half.
Created 3 times for Ade and should have scored.
Just needs a goal I think.


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Aug 22, 2013
Capoue just edges it for me. At the 75th minute I couldn't help but just think how well he has mopped up, stolen possession, and got the ball forward. He still has a bit of a rough first touch, especially when clearing in the box, but his all round play is top noch.

Oh and I do think mason is the perfect companion for him. He still has some growing to do to fit perfectly into the role, but he brings the ball forward well, with maybe a few lessons off of Dembele on how to keep it in your feet around opposing players.


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Jun 11, 2006
Lloris - 7 - Need to stop passing to defenders who're under pressure immediately, otherwise very good

Vertonghen - 7.5 - Good game, especially after we looked knackered and came under pressure at the end of the game
Kaboul - 6 - Great first half, poor second
Naughton - 6 - Did ok while he was on
Rose - 6.5 - Still makes some silly fouls, need to be more patient but overall he had a pretty good match.

Capoue - 7 - Solid
Mason - 6 - Not bad, but didn't really influence the game much

Lamela - 7 - Thought Lamela had a good game. Some nice touches and very good quick passing forward to players in space
Chadli - 6.5 - Think he should've scored that chance really. Otherwise did well enough
Eriksen - 7 - Really good goal. Still poor corners though.

Adebayor - 6 - Started poorly, got a lot better as the the first half went on. Faded in the second, but he worked hard today. Should've been subbed after 70 mins though.

Dier - 7 - Did very well.

Dembele - 6 - Not much involved
Kane - NET
Sep 28, 2004

Proud of all the lads today, incredibly tough game and they all turned up and looked like a proper team with very encouraging signs of our dynamism developing and everyone playing for each other.

Heading in the right direction. I'm happy.
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Aug 13, 2008
I felt we were lucky to get away with the win today, they carved us open a few times. A few bad mistakes in bad areas too that on another day would have been punished.

Having said that we came up against a form team, the application was 1st class. I can stand the things above if we show the same level of commitment in our games.

For me Rose was MOM, he is a beacon for the kind of attitude we require.

Also a big hand for the crowd who were superb throughout.


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Jun 27, 2004
Contrary to what a lot has rated, i didnt really see much at all from Mason today. Didnt get himself involved. If it was some other regular player he wouldve got a lowly 5.5 but because he's new some of u guys forgive him n put a higher rating.

lamela also frustrated me big time. He had some nice moves and split passing but very very indecisive at times. He will improve though.

Ita a toss between rose and capoue for me. Maybe Capoue just slightly edges it.