Match Ratings Ratings vs Leicester

Man of the Match

  • Lloris

    Votes: 191 63.5%
  • Trippier

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sanchez

    Votes: 9 3.0%
  • Verts

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Rose

    Votes: 5 1.7%
  • Skipp

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • Winks

    Votes: 16 5.3%
  • Sissoko

    Votes: 62 20.6%
  • Eriksen

    Votes: 11 3.7%
  • Son

    Votes: 4 1.3%
  • Llorente

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Toby

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Wanyama

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Walker-Peters

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 1 0.3%

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Aug 27, 2013
I voted for Skipp.

Not because he was the best player - he wasn't. But because he is 18, still has to wear black socks in training, and he was thrust into an unfamiliar spot, in a title race, in a must-win match - and he did not screw it up. I admire what it takes for him to turn-up in that situation - knowing that the club are under pressure with injuries in the midfield - and he acquitted himself well.

He may never be a star for Spurs - but today - he held his own when we really needed it.


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Aug 19, 2012
Right now I am not sure I would have any player in the World instead of winks and Sissoko. Perfekt match!

Lloris and Sissoko todays stand-out performers.

Thougt Rose was both awesome and poor at the same time today. Still love his contributions and think he is world class LB.

Trippier: not his season, but don’t want Aurier. Maybe KWP.

Llorente did fine today. Didn’t Get any hjelp from the ref, but still had plenty of lay offs and an assist.

Eriksen - awesome contribution to the score, but still not at his best. Hopefully this game was a giant leap in the right direction.

Sanchez: really loving his form at the moment!

As someone else mentioned, good individual performances, bit not great in total. Bear in mind that Leicester have plenty of quality and I felt we had control up until the last 15 minutes...


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May 17, 2005
Disagree. We've been playing like this for many years now ( haven't you noticed) and it works perfectly-as with possession we tier the opposition and save our energy, it's why we get a lot of late goals. What I would say is, when we slip at the back ,we need to be sure footed with our passing otherwise we do leave ourselves open to the high press
Nah. We're good at purposeful possession, playing from the back or mixing it up when it's level or we're chasing the game. It's the crap return of AVB-ball when we try it as a "control" tactic, nearly always failing to keep goals out. We can play safely, and in control, without resorting to aimlessness.


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Jun 11, 2006
Lloris MOTM
Honourable mention to Winks and Sissoko.

Michael Oliver is a big stinking pile of guano and should be banned from officiating us indefinitely.


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Jul 25, 2005
All game they destroyed us down our RHS. This happened because a) the midfield diamond just doesn’t work for us at all: and more importantly b) Trippier was once again absolutely embarrassing.

Lloris, Sisokko, Sánchez and Winks were all good.

The rest decent with the exception of Llorente who once again let the game pass him by and Trippier who was poor in his most important duties which are defending
Jun 4, 2004
Not a game to over-analyse in my view, as some have.

I think we can all recognise that this wasn't our best performance but I think we all know why and it's better not to get yourself all wound up about it.

Leicester have a good squad, full of talented players and they should be doing far better in the league than they are. Equally though I felt strongly that if we were clinical then we'd get the win, even when I could see we weren't playing that well.

Overall I actually felt that we were decent in possession and when attacking, not our best but good enough. It was defensively where we looked dodgy and I think that this was mainly due to our midfield and playing 2 up top. Winks was sitting at the base of the diamond and whilst I think he played superbly well, he's not a CDM. Skipp played alongside Sissoko but whilst the latter did all the things he does so well, Skipp struggled to get involved. His passing was tidy but he just wasn't involved enough.

Thankfully Leicester were poor in their finishing whilst we were ruthless in ours. I would've accepted a draw and wouldn't have been surprised had we lost. The penalty save was clearly the turning point but as others have said, Michael Oliver had one of the worst games I've ever seen from a ref and it directly contributed to the flow of the game. That should never happen.

We battered Man Utd a few weeks ago and lost and yesterday Leicester were arguably the better team and we won. That's football, folks.

Lloris - Excellent penalty save and a good, solid all round performance from him. The save from Barnes was good but I'd expect him to make all the saves he made.

Trippier - Hhmm, he did ok in my view. Positioning is always an issue when he's pushing on like he does but I don't feel like he dropped any major clangers. Par performance really.

Sanchez - Looked quick and strong but still a little shaky with the ball at his feet. He's certainly not as good of a footballer as Toby or Jan but he's a great athlete and had Jan been 1 v 1 with Gray instead then he'd have been stripped for pace. Dave held his own really well. Good performance.

Jan - Very solid performance.

Rose - Also very good, finding some consistency now and looking like his old reliable self, let's just hope he stays fit.

Winks - Superb IMO, loved what he did. Looks really confident. First touch is excellent and helps him to have time to decide what he's going to do. Couple of moments in 1st half where his evasion play was Modric-esq. He put in a disciplined display, tackled back numerous times, play passes forward as often as possible. He doesn't score or get assists but I think he could well become a Modric type player in terms of his importance and that can never be underestimated in terms of value.

Skipp - Tidy in his passing but didn't get involved enough.

Sissoko - So strong, great energy, great powerful line breaking runs. Doing exactly what we need from him in that position. It's been said many times but his transformation has been nothing short of mind blowing.

Eriksen - Trademark goal from him. That's kinda become his signature move. I agree with some in that he's still not quite at his best but luckily he's so good that he's still able to have a significant impact on the game. Will be hard to replace if he goes in summer :(

Son - Worked tirelessly and deserved his goal which showed real progress in his ability to finish one on one where has struggled in the past. Bang in form, will need him to be bang on it on Weds.

Llorente - Tricky. He started great in the first 5-10 mins. His link up play was really good. Sadly he then totally disappeared right up until the point of when he laid off the ball for Eriksen to score. Par performance.


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Jul 7, 2012
All game they destroyed us down our RHS. This happened because a) the midfield diamond just doesn’t work for us at all: and more importantly b) Trippier was once again absolutely embarrassing.

Lloris, Sisokko, Sánchez and Winks were all good.

The rest decent with the exception of Llorente who once again let the game pass him by and Trippier who was poor in his most important duties which are defending
Neg rep from the Trippier fan club incoming...

Spurs 1961

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Aug 31, 2012
Lloris for me kept us in the game. Can't believe how poorly people rate Eriksen who produced a great assist for our first goal and got the all important second with a goal out of nothing. Without Dele as well as Kane it's so great we have Eriksen and Son the fantastic four!
Not sure what there was to disagree about. Obviously someone does not rate Eriksen, Son, Kane and Dele. Oh well you would have enjoyed older versions of the team with no skill just a lot of running around getting nowhere. Eriksen is so great not only the best athlete in the team, runs more than anyone else, but has quality few can match. Oh well some people didn't like Modric


Audere est facere
Jul 28, 2004
On the ball Winks, Sissoko, Llorente and on two occasions, Eriksen, had good games. Son didn’t bar his goal.

Off the ballnobody outfield bar Son and on occasion Sissoko provided much, and that’s why we conceded so many chances.

Lloris played a blinder, easy man of the match.

Rose and Trippier continue to waste good crossing opportunities, while Trippier again displayed an inability to defend.

Both centre backs were sloppy but largely unprotected by both the midfield and the flanks.

Skipp improves as the game wore on.

Manager was damned whatever happened with his subs as, yes on the face of it they were risk averse and counterintuitive, but imagine the ire he’d have drawn if he sacrificed the formation to fit in Lucas and it backfired. Ultimately, he’s masterminded our great form during a very testing time and shown more than ever how good a manager he is.