Match Ratings Ratings vs Chelsea


  • Gazzaniga

    Votes: 89 35.0%
  • Trippier

    Votes: 8 3.1%
  • Sanchez

    Votes: 9 3.5%
  • Toby

    Votes: 36 14.2%
  • Rose

    Votes: 51 20.1%
  • Sissoko

    Votes: 21 8.3%
  • Winks

    Votes: 3 1.2%
  • Eriksen

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Son

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Deli

    Votes: 10 3.9%
  • Kane

    Votes: 19 7.5%
  • Lamela

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Kane

    Votes: 5 2.0%
  • Llorente

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 3 1.2%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Jun 7, 2009
Think our play is predictable when we are pressed high up the pitch, it goes across the backline then we play it long and in this game more often than that we conceded possession. We dont have deep lying CM that can play on the half turn so we can play through the press like when we have Dembele.

Although Chelsea had all of the ball we reduced them to long range efforts and the defence looked very solid.

In the end thats a good result and we are capable of winning at Stamford Bridge.

Gazza 8 - Confident display and I think Lloris would have conceded the Hudson Odoi cross

Trippier 8 - Good defensive display
Alderwiereld 8 - Top draw
Sanchez 8 - Looking back to his best
Rose 8 - Looking like Danny of 2 years ago

Winks 6 - Worked hard but I feel hes not of the required level for us
Sissoko 8 - Workhorse
Alli 7 - We looked stronger in the middle when he dropped deeper but overall he looked a yard off with his passing
Eriksen 6 - Not at his usual high standard

Son 5 - Wasnt at it at all
Kane 7 - Harry was the difference tonight


Well-Known Member
Jan 17, 2008
Personally think we were crying out for a midfielder who can pass quickly and accurately. Our counters could be so much more dangerous and also take the creative pressure off Eriksen a bit.
I would normally say the same but today Eriksen, perhaps our quickest, most accurate passer, was in the midfield 3 for most of the game and he hardly managed anything. I think we needed someone with the strength and nous to beat a man and find space to break the press aka. Dembele.

Could also be due to our shape, though. We just looked completely devoid of ideas and were relying on a speculative ball or a moment of magic from Kane or Son.


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Jan 16, 2014
Not many teams do that to us - they were were really up for this.
Hazard was world class - it is ridiculous he is playing in the europa.
9 times out of 10 we lose that. But we somehow won.

Everyone worked hard, but I gave it to alderweireld as the senior defender.

Mr Pink

SC Supporter
Aug 25, 2010
Chelsea worked hard and played well to a point, but I'm not sure they created that many clear cut opportunities.

Mostly pot shots and speculative efforts but didn't carry that much punch where it counted.

Nothing like how we smashed them 6 weeks ago, we should of scored 6 that night.

Yeah they dominated the possession but that counts for fuck all.

Think some are over egging their 'performance'


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Aug 20, 2013
Not many teams do that to us - they were were really up for this.
Hazard was world class - it is ridiculous he is playing in the europa.
9 times out of 10 we lose that. But we somehow won.

Everyone worked hard, but I gave it to alderweireld as the senior defender.
Thi k poch has learned in some areas, tonight was an example. Did the juve special. Get the lead and lock the door. Dark arts galore all over the pitch.


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Aug 25, 2011
Sorry folks, dunno what's wrong with me. I should be delighted at beating chelsea again, but in a 2 legged affair i fear for our place in the final, with such a narrow lead and a tired, threadbare squad, wouldn't back us to go through.

We were very lucky tonight that chelsea were so toothless, dont think we'd be so fortunate again.


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Jul 26, 2004
Thought Kane, Gazza, Rose, WInks, Trippier and Sissoko were good,

Alli defended well towards the end but was pretty poor with the ball.
Eriksen was a no show looked listless from the get go, really contributed to the slow build up, invariably just popping it straight back to a central defender. and he didn't have the application either seemed to jog around.
Toby on the left is ponderous building up play too and just wants to pass back inside to Sanchez or the keeper.

Son had endeavour but little quality.
when three of the four most important to your team's play turn in below average performances it's not gonna be a classic.


Well-Known Member
Dec 13, 2013
On the train back home. I can hear Chelsea fans moaning about the offside. It is a joy to behold. They sound pained.

I may point out, just prior to getting off the train, that we were generally a bit shite. Just to tee them up a bit. Wins a win. Onto round 2.


Formerly known as Thmsdonaghy
Dec 6, 2006
I think we'll actually play better at Stamford Bridge. We don't have a home tie and haven't had a home game in almost two seasons. Gazzaniga was like a brick wall tonight and deserves "Man Of The Match. But I honestly think we will play a hell of a lot better than we did tonight. Wembley is more of a hindrance to us at the moment. I'm hoping Gazzaniga is a lot less involved in the second leg and I hope my new phone arrives tomorrow from eBay. COYS


Well-Known Member
Aug 9, 2017
I thought we got away with one big time tonight. Chelsea are toothless but they completely did us tactically.

It was way too much backs against the wall stuff for far too long. Major problem is still CM.

I’m sick of saying it but Winks is really out of his depth in my opinion. He just can’t seem to pass forward and when he does finally get an opportunity, like in the first half when that Chelsea player slipped, he completely messes it up. I just don’t see the desired quality on a consistent basis.

Sissoko put a shift in defensively and was unlucky with a few breaks forward.

Eriksen was dire on the ball but his work rate was great. Still poor though.

On the plus side we can’t really play any worse and I have a feeling the away leg will suit is much better. Honestly, we defended resolutely and well but there was only one team in it and Chelsea dominated both halves. We created nothing all second half.


Grunge baby forever
Oct 21, 2012
Poor tonight for Alli, Son and Eriksen. Rare for them all to have poor game at the same time.
Rose was Motm for me. Had a great game.
Played to Pochs game plan perfectly but Christ it was hairy viewing.
Looked like we were trying to run the clock down from the first whistle.
Couldn't keep possession at all.
Still job done.
2nd leg will be totally different game.


Well-Known Member
Jan 16, 2014
Thi k poch has learned in some areas, tonight was an example. Did the juve special. Get the lead and lock the door. Dark arts galore all over the pitch.
It was probably a defensive masterclass, and Mourinho would have loved that performance.
If you want to win things then defensive discipline is probably top of the list.

It's just I'm not very good at recognising that other than the zero conceded. We did not make mistakes under constant pressure, kept cool and kept the right shape. I saw that.
And I didn't see them find space in the box and slot 1 away. But I couldn't tell you if that was entirely down to us or Chelsea not having a goal scorer.


Flying Dutchman
Apr 29, 2005
Gazza - 8 could not ask for a better number 2
Tripps - 6 meh
Toby - 8 solid
Sanchez - 7 didn’t do anything particularly wrong
Rose - 8 in this sort of form Rose should be starting everyweek
Sissoko - 7 carrying on his decent form of late
Winks - 7 meh
Dele , Son , eriksen - all 6 ... not one of their better games
Kane - 7 tried hard to make things happen ... when the whole team is struggling .. there isn’t much he can do on his own


SC Supporter
Jun 4, 2004
Exellent: -
Very good: Gazza, Dele, Rose, Toby, Sissoko
Good: Kane, Sanchez,
Meh: Trippier, Winks, Eriksen, Son, Poch
Shite: -

Dele made a huge difference in the second half playing deeper.
Rose was well up for it. Loved some of those challenges.
Gazza made some great saves; distribution was iffy.
Toby is a class act.
Sanchez was solid, although he had a couple of dodgy moments.
Sissoko broke up play and countered well to relieve pressure.
Kane ran all day.
Eriksen and Son did very little going forward, but put in serious running and defensive shifts.
Trippier did OK, but his defensive positioning and tendency to point and yell at everyone after he makes a mistake really shits me.
Winks tried hard but got overrun by a good opposition midfield.
Poch was too late with the subs. We've got ManU on the weekend and the lads our there were clearly exhausted. Fresh legs were required much earlier.