Pochettino: It is important to show humility in victory

Jun 29, 2003
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Mauricio Pochettino believes that celebratory dressing-room selfies ought to be posted only after a trophy win. The Tottenham manager offered his view after being told of how Arsenal had gloried in their 4-2 derby victory over his team on Sunday.

Source: Guardian


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Aug 31, 2005
Gloating is part of football - and we will gloat back if we have anything to gloat about at the end of the season. Seeing the Gooners celebrate a home win over us as if they'd won a major trophy really shows how the roles have switched in north London. They used to mock us for making DVDs out of every derby win - and look at them now.
They deserved the win over an exhausted Spurs side on Sunday, but we still have a very good chance to finish ahead of them in the league, and that PL table in May is all that counts when you measure the real strength of the two teams. I really hope we bounce back into the top four with a win tonight, while the Gooners hit the ground hard at OT.