Player watch: Toby Alderweireld


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Aug 17, 2018
Juventus often sign players who are running their contracts down, wouldn't surprise me if he ended up there. Bayern could also do with a centre back as Boateng is finished.

I just can't see Toby staying, a huge deal awaits him in the Summer. He's a £40-£45 million defender available for £25 million. Any club signing him will save money on the transfer fee, but Toby and his team will take the £20 million saved by asking for higher wages/signing on bonus. Smart business from his team, but we do lose out.
As long as he doesn't join the Mancs/Liverpool I won't mind where else.


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Aug 20, 2013
can I just ask: I’ve seen a couple of times people saying Poch would leave if Toby stays. Where is that coming from?
I think some old ITK from last season when Toby wasn't playing. But obviously isn't always correct so a pinch of salt needed to begin with. And things do appear to have changed - Toby is now playing very regularly so you have to imagine things are at least okay between him and Poch now.