Player watch: Oliver Skipp

Jun 4, 2005
I haven’t seen anything in Skipp yet that makes me think he’ll be a big player for us..... but..... he’s 18 and I trust Poch. He hasn’t done badly but he has given away possession quite a few times (though won it back a couple of times). He’s steady, works hard and he’s put a couple of good through balls in but mainly he’s safe and defensive minded, which is appreciated by Poch.

Although he’s a little underwhelming at the moment, that’s not necessarily a bad thing at this stage. We’d all like to see a kid given a chance and to do a Rooney against arsenal but wonderkids happen so rarely. The fact he’s playing games for a title chasing (😎) and champions league chasing (😎😎) team shows how confident Poch is of him. He obviously has lots of potential.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see him out on loan next season to a good club, depending on if we do any midfield business in the summer.


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Nov 12, 2007
Skipp is also a year and a half younger than Rice. At Skipp's age, Rice at played 1 minute in the PL and was getting ready to make his first real contributions.
TBF, its not like Poch has a lot of options at the moment. I guess he could recall Onomah but I think he's given up on him.


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Jul 9, 2007
People also need to stop comparing him to players who are a whole two years ahead when it comes to football development. There are few in his age group at the moment that have made any sort of mark.

Comparisons with these players are more fair

Or this

Though a lot of them (Kean, Sancho, vinicius and a lot of others) are of the developmental year ahead of skipp. In any case very few players from his generation are yet to make many crossroads into the professional game. Which is natural, after all it's only there second year of doing football full-time.


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Mar 18, 2005
There is a huge struggle to bridge the gap from being a youngster to b coming good enough to play for a top six side.

Just the fact Skipp is getting some game time is pretty huge for him.

Really not going to judge him at all right now.