Player watch: Christian Eriksen


What would Phil Dunphy do?
Oct 25, 2005
I'm not sure how I feel about this whole situation. He's said he wants a new challenge but is ok to stay at Spurs.

I'm not sure I want a player who may or may not want to be here. If he's at Spurs it will be because he couldn't get a move.
Apr 26, 2005
Let's be frank here, Madrid look for players that are big game players, those that are going to win the CL for them. I don't doubt that they've been watching Eriksen and others for months, he would have been aware of that and any player would have his head turned. But in both games against Ajax and the final (not to mention he almost cost us against City) he went missing.

I'm happy for him to stay but I'd be loathe to give him a big contract without guarantees that he's 100% committed and not just coasting.
I agree in the main, think the coasting element you can remove by signing someone who can compete with him. That has been out biggest downfall the season just gone.


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Aug 25, 2011
The same outlet that initially broke the news of him saying he wants a new challenge are reporting that Madrid have told him they won't move for him

Let's hope it's true.

The only other location I can see would be United, who don't seem to be interested and would be considered a side-step at best for him. I think if we can sign Lo Celso and Ndombele, hopefully that would be enough to convince him to put pen to paper.


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Aug 4, 2013
The danish paper is basically quoting Marca regarding Madrid not wanting him.

Eriksen said the following after their match:

"My focus is vacation and I think I've said what I had to say regarding [transfers]. I wont be dropping more bombs as of yet."

Reading the last line as him not wanting to comment anymore rather than him having some sick transfer story lined up and only waiting for the right moment to announce it. He's not Griezmann.


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Jan 16, 2019
I do wonder what on earth people are watching at times. Bar Kane, we don't have a player who contributes more in big games than Eriksen. It is literally statistically false to claim he doesn't contribute in big games. Sure, maybe he doesn't completely dominate play in big games all the time, such as against City, but it's a bit fucking hard when he has to do it by himself whereas City have about 4 creative players. Even then, there are still many big games where he's contributed a goal or assist and played very well generally.
It was probably because it looked like he was leaving, similar to when trippier became much better than walker because walker was leaving
Jul 29, 2011
If he only re-signs because no one else wants him, do we want someone begrudgingly playing within himself and being paid a shedload of money for that? Selling him and reinvesting wisely might be a better option...
If he is begrudging then perhaps you are right. Whether he is or is not is really conjecture and nothing more. If he signs a new contract because the move he would leave us for doesn’t materialise won’t be at gunpoint.
What is not really debatable is that he is absolute quality and is frustratingly streaky at times ( as he has been all his career) but replacing him or finding a way or using his sale to benefit us will be extremely hard.