MLS Potential

'O Zio

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Dec 27, 2014
Used the word, because I thought it was funny and couldnt think of a word that was less offensive. Surprised more people have called me out.

US Footy's best chance is when American Football becomes illegal in the states due to head injuries, causing a mass migration over.
To be fair participation in American Football is decreasing all the time because parents just don't want their kids playing it any more. Football (soccer) is gaining popularity it's just a case of making it more available to people with low incomes and, as you said earlier, getting kids to kick a football around in the streets like they do everywhere else in the world, rather than playing basketball.


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Aug 27, 2013
MLS is holding their draft today - and I just found out that the kid of one of the guys I played with in college was drafted in the 1st round. Makes me feel old, and excited for my old teammate!