Mauricio Pochettino accepts Danny Rose apology for interview

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by deadlight, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino says he accepts Danny Rose's apology and the full-back is still a big part of his plans

    Read the full article at SkySports News

    Bigger man than me!
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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by deadlight, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Dougal
    Sly Sports News :LOL:
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  2. Rocksuperstar
    Very classy, tells the media that he's keeping the whole thing in house and move on.

    Poch's in charge.
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  3. Dougal
    Apparently the Sun reporter just sat at the press conference rocking back and forth shouting 'Spurs in crisis' every few minutes before being helped out of the room.
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  4. Jolmaster
    Well done Danny, now get fit soon son
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  5. deadlight
    Freudian slip?
  6. Dougal
    Can't, I'm driving.
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  7. worcestersauce
    story over, the end,
    time for bed said Zebedee Pochottino.
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  8. 14/04/91
    Well done Danny?! He chose to do the interview, he didn't choose to make the apology - he was told to.
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  9. jenko
    At least we are now fully aware of how some players (most i would guess) feel within the squad. We're not living in a magic world where the players are immune to the same temptations as at other clubs and his interview confirmed it.

    The added revenue we start getting next year had better be put to use on the team first or they will all leave. This was a useful shot across the bow for Levy and he should act on it. If he does it could have the long term effect of turning this shitty story into a positive, and wouldn't that be nice?
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  10. dannythomas
    It's better that we as fans do like Poch has done and treat the issue as closed. The interview was stupid and if you read it Rose is clearly not all that smart. He needed to either apologize or ask for a transfer. He has apologized and we have to ask whether a fit Danny Rose is an asset to our team or not. The worse thing we can do is to boo him when he returns. Hopefully all the anti Rose tweets will stop too.
    Yes you can argue that he apologized because he was told to or to get him off the deserved fine or because he knew that nobody will pay what Levy will demand for him especially as he is a long injured player.
    So forget it and let's see his attitude between now and January.
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  11. Gb160

    It hasn't confirmed anything except Danny's had his head turned.
    If all of our players are so undervalued and underpaid why the hell are they all so quick to sign contract extensions?
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  12. Jonesey
    Would have been nice if he'd added that he was 100% committed to the team and the manager and trying to win the title for Spurs once fit.
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  13. Japhet
    Classy from Poch on Sky. Never expected anything else. Job done.
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  14. sebo_sek
    Thank you. I've been saying this every time a story like this surfaces. They don't sign contracts with a gun to their head. So be a man, stop whining and do the job you agreed to do for the amount you agreed.
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  15. diamondlight
    If he had mentioned the title he would have been hammered for doing too much talking. Everyone makes mistakes; he made one, he apologised, and Poch accepted it without fuss. Nothing more to see or say here.
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  16. SirHarryHotspur
    Townsend and Bentaleb upset the Boss, look where they are now. Funny how Rose and Walker share the same agents , perhaps they need their cut of another transfer to boost funds.
  17. SirHarryHotspur
  18. Spurs 1961
    So Poch accepts his apology. And pigs will fly! I expect he will go in the January window
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  19. Jonesey
    Oh there's a whole lot more to come on this one, mark my words ...

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