Madrid lining up Dele Alli

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Jan 3, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Danners9
    Nice bit of fiction about an in-form player just before facing the league leaders.
  2. kaz Hirai

    Iike how they've photoshoped his head onto a Madrid players body so we can see how he might look next season.

    Fun stuff from DM comics as always
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  3. sebo_sek
    That slap on the back of the head is clearly indicative that there is massive bullying going on behind the scenes and Mauricio Pochetino is struggling to keep it under control. In light of these revelations a move to the Bernabeu may be Alli's last chance to regain some semblance of tranquility both on and off the field.
    Another exclusive from the Lowly Fail.
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  4. Dennism
    Once again the media are out to destabilise us before a big game.
  5. Shadydan
    Do they realise that they're gonna have to buy Dier as well.
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  6. bigspurs
    I was just saying to someone the other day, how the red top clowns have slowed down their rabid stories about Madrid and Man U buying all of our best players. Guess that they're not done yet then! Pathetic bottom feeders that they all are. I bet that they're really proud of their semi-literate lies that they call news...
  7. Jolmaster
    Daily mirror = .................. !!
    Fill in the space above please
  8. Bilko
    The 50 million came from Jamie Redcrap's uncontrolled, uneducated mouth- possibly the idea for the 'wonderful' article as well.
  9. Japhet
    Thought Madrid had a transfer ban.
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  10. Danners9
    only for this window. But the story is bollocks anyway. Timed for the Chelsea game, as always.
  11. 1882andallthat
    It would not surprise me at all if those lazy spoit bastards tried to use the same old tried and tested methods to unsettle and prize away our star players.
    It's a shame that they have had the transfer ban reduced, they make no effort to develop their own players whatsoever.

    That club are the epitome of the spoilt kid who must have everything in the shop window, a tacky franchise with no real identity followed by lazy bandwagon jumpers all around the world with no real connection to Madrid, whose success is built on simply pinching everything good that everyone else has got. They think they have a divine right to everything.

    I know it probably won't happen but it would serve them bloody well right if they got a taste of their own medicine and the Chinese started doing to them what they have been doing to everyone else for years.

    Shame too on the lazy jounalists for stirring it all up again.
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  12. Indacupfortottenham
    How good would it be if papers actually did factual articles about football, might start to read them again.
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  13. whitesocks
    If Alli had made a real statement in the CL like Bale did,
    then there might be something to worry about.
    Luckily not many in Spain will have watched the Watford game.
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  14. TheChosenOne
    On the morning of a cup final many years ago The Sun superimposed a picture of Glenn Hoddle wearing a Man Utd shirt saying that was his next club.

    Didn't happen.
  15. JimmyG2
    Sorry posted in the wrong thread

    Made the Spurs Community front page
    so must be doing something right.
    It'll get a lot worse before we finally cash in
    in 4 or 5 years time and we are top of the League
    and have won the Champions' League,
    and as Real are my other team it's a win win situation.
    But if we achieve all that
    he may decide to be one club man
    with the two Harry's.

    'Optimistic' away.

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  16. Yidi Knight
    I still get lost in your poems JG2 .... :unsure:

  17. guiltyparty
    Too small, too, looks like post-voodoo Beetlejuice
  18. UbeAstard
    ''MirrorSport understands Ali would find it extremely hard to turn down a huge move to Spain.''

    Lol, so because historically some other players jumped at the chance means they can base their understanding on that and its now a fact that can be stated for Ali.

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