Llorente set for summer exit

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 13, 2018 at 3:17 PM.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Mar 13, 2018 at 3:17 PM.

  1. JC-Rule
    It just hasn't worked for Llorente, seems a honest fella, hope it works out for him, but he's not pacey, the ball doesn't stick to him with his back to goal, and he ain't banging goals when he has a sniff, apart from the FA cup game recently where he got the hat trick.

    So we have no choice but go for another one. what upcoming striker can we go out and get for 20mil or so, who can come and do a job for us?

    Next year will require reinforcements on the bench.
  2. Lilbaz
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  3. CheeseGromit
    Usual unsubstantiated article to fill column inches
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  4. greywizard2020
    I firmly believe that he ought to be sold as well; hold-up play is suspect, as mentioned not quick either & needs lots of chances before converting.

    I believe we use Son to deputise for Kane, so why not go for a young, pacey wide-player who is prepared to wait for their chance, instead. It may be slightly out there, but Ademola Lookman seems to fit the mould of being quick, direct & can play either in the wide-areas or through the middle. I also have liked a former Poch player in Jay Rodriguez.
  5. Lilbaz
    Might be why we're still in the hunt for malcom (if he's not off to byern).
  6. N17Jack
    A young pacey wide player is doing ok at Fulham right now.
  7. yid-down-under
    Back up striker is a hard position to fill. Yes we have son who can deputise but I still feel we need another ‘specialist’ centre forward. Jansens hold up play is better then lorente but lorente is probable happier to play sub and also appears to be a good role model in the dressing room.

    Tricky one
  8. gusrowe
    I really didn’t we would pay 11 mill for a 30 year old plus player based on his Premiership performances with Swansea....the rumour that Chelsea wanted him as well went to our heads, although Poch probably felt he could bring him back to his previous performances in Europe. Never really competed with Kane, but who could to be honest. I would rather we kept the money, kept Janssen rather than loan him out and give him another season with the first team squad. I will always say that Janssen gave every effort on his Limited first team performances, but maybe tried too hard and was very unlucky. Reminded be of the old hurly burly centre forwards of old and gave us a different option against packed defences.....we always try to slice them open where as Janssen had a hammer approach.
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    sounds like if Llorente, Janssen, Sissoko and GKN are sold we will have the funds to buy Sessegnon. If Edwards or Griffith can sneak into the group it will give us the following for the striker and attacking 3 behind:
    Kane, Son
    Eriksen, Dele, Moura, Lamela, Sessegnon, Edwards/ Griffith --- decent
  10. MyNameIsNicolaBerti
    Vincent Janssen? :bag:
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  11. Gassin's finest
    Difficult to find a genuinely good striker who is willing to basically be Kanes backup. As said, Son is already our backup.
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  12. Colston
    I think people are overplaying the backup angle a bit too much though. I'm not saying whoever came in as Llorentes replacement wouldn't be behind Kane in the pecking order, of course he would, but there would be ample opportunity to play. I'm sure Pochettino would have loved to be able to rest Kane more during the season and maybe also have the option of playing 2 up top when the situation calls for it, or a direct substitution in the few games where Kane just isn't feeling it or the defenders are able to deal with him.

    Any player with the skills and talent would get plenty of minutes in this team. And it just so happens that any forward would have a much easier time getting them than a player who would have to compete every week with the insane amount of talented midfielders we have.
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  13. Gaz_Gammon
    Soldado, Janssen, Llorente..

    I am starting to see a pattern here ....
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  14. Danners9
    If indeed he was close to leaving in January, this is no surprise. Seems finding an understudy/alternative to Kane is hard - but at least they have Son or Lamela or Moura now to call upon and switch it around a bit.
  15. Gilzeanking
    I reckon people are reading too much into the 4 goals vs Bournemouth and concluding Son could be Kane backup .

    Mistake imo
  16. yid-down-under
    I thought he only scored two of them.......
  17. Japhet
    Bit of a thankless task being backup to Harry. Llorente has shown some glimpses of what he's capable of but when he plays we never seem to put crosses into the box which is his bread and butter. I'm not too keen on Son as a straight backup either. He can play there but I'd prefer a proper 9. The usual problems of solving the Ability/Minutes/Wages/Suitability equation still exist. Someone like Callum Wilson might fit the bill but he might not get enough of a look in to be interested. I'd also consider Dolbjerg.
  18. bigspurs
    It’s ridiculous isn’t it! Why can’t they sign a another striker that can score goals!

    Total and utter waste of time, yet again...

    They need to be looking to sign someone who will be able to compete with Kane, not just to play second fiddle to him. I think that’s where we’re going wrong. We’re trying to do this half-arsed.
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  19. JimmyG2
    Need to provide another one of our own
    who would give his right leg to be Harry's backup.
    Oh wait....

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