Levy's Tottenham transfer team must be sharper than rivals

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Mar 20, 2017.


Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by Gaz_Gammon, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. UbeAstard
    Its not that massive a 'conundrum', the bigger clubs in the main buy 'finished' articles while we are one of the best clubs to be at if you are up and coming and don't want to be on a bench.
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  2. npearl4spurs
    The author makes these out to be quite a big deal, especially "not wanted by richer clubs," but frankly he's quite misinformed it seems.

    Let's look:

    Eriksen - wanted by bigger clubs, especially Manchester City (could have paid him much more, more recent history of success). He still came to us.

    Dele - wanted by Liverpool (could have paid him more, his idol is a legend there, they have finished behind us soon to be 8 out of 9 seasons?). He still came to us.

    Janssen - PSG were rumored to be in for him, he may still come good especially since this is his first PL season at 22 yo. He still came to us.

    I'm sure Lloris had more attractive suitors at the time as well.

    Need we say more?
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  3. yiddopaul
    Toby as well. We paid a meagre £11m. Even at the time he was quality. Now, one of the best in the world.
    I used to think money bought you titles. And in the past it did. Now though, not so much. The 'uber' rich clubs tend to buy 'names'. They overlook lesser know players that may be almost as good. They're the ones we go after. A much better business model and it's successful! The stadium build will affect us less financially, if at all because of it.
  4. npearl4spurs
    I didn't include Toby because Atletico were looking to move him on and only SCBC were our primary rivals for him
  5. yiddopaul
    That's quite incredible isn't it. I mean, he's improved incredibly since he joined us, but he was still a top, proven PL player back then.
  6. guiltyparty
    Write around of known info

    But: "Would take quite a collapse"

    If Man U win their game in hand, we're 4 points off 5th. With 10 games to play. Hope the players aren't taking it as casually as Collamosse
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  7. bozzaSPUR
    Wtf. Is anyone supposed to understand this post in the context of 'Is it possible for Spurs to improve their team?'
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  8. guiltyparty
    Did you read it?

    "It would take quite a collapse for them to drop out of the Champions League places now, as they are seven points clear of fifth-placed Manchester United, who have played one game fewer."

    I am suggesting this is an overstatement
  9. Everlasting Seconds
    Given Sissoko, maybe they shouldn't try.
  10. Chris_D
    For a while I've believed that the key plan must be not to sell players who will make up team that has every chance of winning the title in a couple of years. We're still not quite there but I think it's that close, provided we can keep everyone.
  11. Col_M
    Is there nothing Gideon won't do for a fast buck?!
  12. shelfmonkey
    What bothers me is the turnover of scouting/recruitment staff.
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  13. yankspurs
    Yet we want Zaha and Barkley because spending £80m+ in 2 summers on Moussa Sissoko, Wilfied Zaha and Ross Barkley is the mark of champions:rolleyes:
  14. yankspurs
    Well that bothers me too but im a bit more bothered by the fact that Pochettino is, to be it lightly, a bit shit when it comes to transfers. Guy spent £50m on 2 lumps on a log this summer and now hes seemingly about to spent £50m+ again on 2 mediocre at best players who havent done anything even remotely close close to setting the league alight simply because they have PL experience.

    We have a huge problem with transfers. It seems that we're going back to our scatter gunned ways but this time the manager is leading the charge. I really dont see the need for a large scouting staff anyway if all we're gonna do in the transfer market it spend absurd anounts of money on bang average PL players or flavor of the month foreign players with only a year of 1st team experience in a lower top tier league under their belt.
  15. shelfmonkey
    I'll agree that in the not too distant past our recruitment/scouting has been somewhat lacking, but how many of our players looked like they were gonna set the PL alight before Poch got hold of them? Answer: none. As for Bartley and Zaha, they are two very good players that, with the right coaching and management, could become exceptional.
  16. Gaz_Gammon
    What bothers me is the way we have wasted millions on players that can't even get a start.

    That to be honest is crimminal, especially for a club forever chasing a net (or thereabouts) spend.
  17. UbeAstard
    To be fair, there isn't a club that gets all their transfers right and every fan in the prem can point out players at their club who is/was a waste of money.
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  18. Chedozie
    Our club is brilliant at getting bargains, of the current squad, Rose, Walker, Dier, Alli all bought for peanuts. The likes of Loris, Alderwierld, Eriksen all represent great value for money and are worth far more than we paid.

    This has been standard for our recruitment for years, Lennon, Carrick, Keane, Berbatov, Huddlestone all bought for championship money.

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