Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

Jun 4, 2005
To be fair to her, she has previous for wearing a West Ham shirt. She said she started liking them after watching Green Street. 😐

She was the most searched porn star before she quit but I honestly never saw it myself. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she can look sexy as hell and I wouldn’t say no but there are lots and lots of sexier porn stars than her.


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Jul 6, 2011
Fuck me this Rice lad is getting overrated!

I thought he was getting outshone a touch by Geuondooooooooozi of all people in the first half.

The way some are going on he’s some sort of Beckenbauer/Matheus hybrid. He’s a great prospect no doubt but people should relax a touch. He plays a very, very strict role, has plenty of support in midfield and keeps it very simple, especially if he passes forward.
He’s carrying out his role superbly at the moment. Will need more to live up the hype getting thrown about right now though.


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May 11, 2008
Michail Antonio confirms that Arnautovic wants to leave West Ham:


"Everyone knows Marko wants to go," Hammers forward Antonio said.

Speaking on Sky Sports' Goals on Sunday, he added: "He's massive for the club, the fans love him.

"Players come and go, we are used to it. Obviously I'd rather he stayed, he's a talisman for the club."
And in the same article, Jenas follows up his fine stirring the "Eden Hazard should leave Chelsea"-pot with a good old stir of the "Marko Arnautovic should leave West Ham"-pot as well:

"When I look at West Ham I really like the squad they are getting together and the way Manuel Pellegrini is getting them to play; everything is positive," Jenas said on Match of the Day.

"You don't want a player that does not want to be there.

"If Arnautovic is intent on leaving then let him go, use the money and bring in someone that wants to be there.

"He has been very good for them but he strikes me as a player that can make things go the other way as he is very powerful in the dressing room."
Good lad, JJ!


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Dec 27, 2012
So if Arnie leaves they are gonna get Wilson from B/mouth!
He would have to have his brain scanned if he went there. In one report he's going to Chelseascum then the next to this lot!
Wham are demented if they think they'll get him. Wilson has a bright future- leave Howe who is a great young manager for Wham or Chelseascum's bench!