Let's All Laugh At... Let's all laugh at Liverpool thread


See you next Tuesday
Mar 10, 2005
Maybe he and the players have stomach troubles? Maybe it's that kind of wind..?

After one of their recent games where Wijnaldum won MOTM Klopp came out afterwards and said something along the lines of "I'm impressed with him, he had the shits before the game".


Fly On, Little Wing
Jul 17, 2008

Sutton, you sycophantic prick. I love how we can be labelled legends but Liverpool can't. We've been raising the bar for ourselves for years now, playing with the big boys when we never had any right to. Risen from mid-table mediocrity to the Champions League's best 16. Doing this without the bias and adulations the media darlings like United and Liverpool get, nor with the finances they have at their disposal. We're constantly getting belittled for daring to have a go at others who have bought their way into success like City and Chelsea, and labelled as legends when we fall short after giving them a hell of a fight. Fuck the media, I'm proud to be a Spurs fan and what we've done so far. Long may we piss them off and prove them wrong.