Fowler: Tottenham signings on the way

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Robbie Fowler has claimed in the Sunday Mirror that he has been told Tottenham could sign Bournemouth striker Josh King this summer.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. goughie1966
    Robbie Fowler - Tottenham ITK :confused:
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  2. GeneralBurk
    "Spurs got lucky last season because Kane only had one injury spell and they did not miss him too much".

    Lay off the sniff Robbie it's clearly affecting your recall.
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  3. Khilari
    (Underwhelming but..) He'd be a great addition. Doesn't look a typical hold-up player, but can finish, which we lacked with Janssen.
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  4. jamesinashby
    The words of the great South African golfer, Gary Player, spring to mind when accused if being lucky with his shots out of the bunker going in the hole. His reply, "The more I practice, the luckier I get."

    Robbie Fowler, being a thick scouser, wouldn't recognise skill if it jumped up.and hit him in the face!

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  5. Mullers
    Not for 30 million he wouldn't.
  6. Khilari
    Difficult to put a price on a striker who can score regularly in the premier league, with a better conversion rate than Sanchez and Ibrahimovic in today's money climate.

    If Lukaku sells for £75m, Walker for £50m, I don't see how we can judge £30m to be "good" or "bad" value until someone pays a sum and divides it by the number of goals / assists and compares it to all the other transfers that season.
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  7. ButchCassidy
    If he has the same scoring rate as last season for the next several seasons, he'll be worth 30m easy, goals are expensive and only getting more so and look at how we have struggled to buy them in the last 10 years... The risk here is whether that's the new normal for King, or whether we are buying him for a fluke good season and he will quickly be returning to mediocrity.
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  8. GeneralBurk
    His record at Blackburn was hardly overwhelming. If we bought him I'd be disappointed. If we paid £30m I'd be gutted and secretly wish I was his agent.
  9. Locotoro
    I didn't realise that was the same king
  10. Mullers
    The English market is crazy, he had one decent season, Defoe scored 14 goals and King scored 16, I'd rather have Defoe thsn pay 30 million for King. We can’t afford to throw money down the train, we've already been bitten last season.
    Personally I'd like to see what Janssen can do in his second season.
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  11. GeneralBurk
    28 career goals. 16 last season and 6 before that. He's 25. £30m?
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  12. Chris_D
    I think he's a decent player but at that price no way. Around the 10m Mark maybe but much more and getting taken for ride when he'll only ever be reserve to Kane.
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  13. Henry Percy
    I haven't followed him much so I could be wrong.

    I understand that last season was his first as a striker and previously he had been on the wing or playing behind. That may account for his lack of goals.

    He gas said that Striker is his preferred position. Maybe Poch sees him covering multiple positions.

    Not saying he is going to be worth it.

    Personally I'd like to see how Janssen goes in his 2nd season.

    We should try and buy a few of the England U19/20/21s.

    As an aside Engalnd should have an amazing team in about 6 years if these players can continue to develop.
  14. Danners9
    Different angle to the original article in the Mirror which carried the attention-grabbing headline of 'Robbie Fowler: Spurs got lucky last season and a lack of transfer activity this summer might send them backwards'

    and the part about Josh King is: 'They will go and spend. There will be a striker coming in – I’ve heard Bournemouth’s Josh King is a possible'

    So, not told like it was some inside info.. heard, like on the radio or read in the paper.

    Really it's a nothing piece. He doesn't say anything controversial or particularly informed. The 'lucky' part seems to be about Kane being injured once, and he's wrong about that.
  15. GeneralBurk
    Agree. Lucky would have been Kane being injury free all season. Probably would have won the league if that happened. Chelsea were lucky with injuries and that helped land be title.
  16. Khilari
    Agree, market is mad

    One thing I'm sure of, is any money we do spend isn't going to break the bank. Our multiple years of net spend I'm sure has helped.

    Does it bother me that we paid £30m for Sissoko? Yes. Should it? Not really. Not my money. Spending less doesn't benefit me, doesn't make tickets cheaper, doesn't mean we suddenly buy another player.

    Our trouble is wages and that's more to do without wage structure rather than funds alone.

    Everyone likes a bargain but transfers are more complex than transfer sums alone, so I think we get a little hung up over fees when actually that's Levy & Co's jobs to worry about.

    If someone's going to improve the team, I'm not bothered if they cost £10, £15 or £20million. I don't see the difference from a fan's perspective.
  17. millsey
    He played on the wing for Blackburn then
  18. millsey
    Why on earth would Bournmouth sell for 10 mill? Who can they get to replace 15 league goals for 10 mill? That gets you a19 year old nobody
  19. GeneralBurk
    The wife's a season ticket holder an Blackburn. He was very incosistent and turned it on when the cameras were about. The time he was there he was very injury prone.
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