Famous Spurs Fans!


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Feb 8, 2007
Barry McGuigan;
Alex P - Who? A DJ apparently;
Claire Tomlinson - I think she's quite fit;
Joss Ackland - Fantastic actor and obviously a man of taste and discretion;
Dennis Bergkamp - Painful, painful, painful;
Bjork - Oh, for f***'s sake!;
Lars-Gunnar Bjorkland - Yes! THE Lars-Gunnar Bjorkland;
Chris Eubank - Lists his other passions as fighting and shopping;
Jerome Flynn - See 'Bjork' above
Sammy Hagar - Van Halen blokey
Bob Holness - Master of the teeny quizshow and contrary to popular belief NOT the first man to play James Bond;
Gary Kemp - He supports Spurs. I know this to be 'True' (give me a break, OK)
Le Tis - Dumpy but talented;
George Michael - Apparently we have all of Wham! (the exclamation mark is part of the band name, not any exuberance on my part);
John Motson - Oh yes, it shows how much class the man has;
Ronnie O'Sullivan;
Mike Reid;
Sting - WTF?! STING?!!
Shania Twain - Let her come to WHL... PLEASE!!!
Bryan Adams - Let him stay away from WHL... PLEASE!!!


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Feb 8, 2007
Let's look at Arsenal's line-up:

Clive Anderson - Tit;
Nicole & Natalie Appleton - Tits;
Jeremy Beadle - see above;
Gary Kemp - Huh?
Rachel Stevens - HUH?!
DALE WINTON! - Oh, it just gets better and better!;
Greg Rusedski - Homegrown tennis talent (well 1 out of 3 isn't bad);

Well, I think we can claim that our fanbase can out-act, out-sing, out-sex and pretty much whip hollow the Gooners 'celebrities'