FA Cup: Mike Dean in charge of Tottenham v Villa

Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 4, 2017.

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    Referee Mike Dean will be back in the spotlight in a televised FA Cup clash on Sunday despite criticism of his handling of West Ham's match against Manchester United.

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Discussion in 'Spurscommunity Front Page News' started by mawspurs, Jan 4, 2017.

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  1. JC-Rule
    Mike Dean, just bloody great!

    This guy needs a break from the spotlight and adversity just now, so what do they do?

    Put him in charge of match where sparks will fly.

    deary deary
  2. king7
    This is probably a good thing as he loves us! Remember this against Villa:
  3. wooderz
    But now he has to prove he's not a Spurs fan... we've lost this
  4. UncleBuck
    If we have to rely on decisions made by him to get past Villa then we don't deserve to go through...
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  5. spursfan77
    He's not even that bad. There's many worse refs out there. Moss, mason, Oliver etc.
  6. MichaelPawson
    Pochettino should make it a policy for the rest of the season that at least one of either Dembele or Dean must start every game from here on out.
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  7. mil1lion
    Makes sense, rest him tonight and have him 100% ready for Sunday
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  8. gushayes11
    He'll get some stick.

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