Clattenburg resigns!


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Jun 18, 2012
If Professional Game Match Officials Limited had been more flexible about image rights, everything would have been fine. The replica MC refereeing shirts would still have shifted billions, every Tesco would still sell Clattenburg Bake.


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Jul 7, 2007
Where has this been announced? He does seem like he has a massive ego and is not very likeable but it's a shame if true, not just because of his own credentials but more so because there are definitely a lot more donkey's refereeing I'd rather see go before him.


Jul 15, 2013
Good riddance. All this talk about him being a good ref is bollocks. The guy always loves to make a show of himself and likes to make sure the game centres around his decisions rather than the actual teams and players. You only have to look at the twatish way he waves his arms around like a baseball umpire to realise that.

This whole thing just goes to show that he really does think that HE is the star of the show, and that HE deserves to be the one earning big bucks. So off he goes to take him and his family to live and work under the yoke of a vile and brutal regime in the desert.

Enjoy it while it lasts you arrogant blind twat.



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May 17, 2004
I can't fathom the amount of moaning on refs. Oh we lose a game, fuck it lets blame the ref for not sending off the player or giving a free kick or fucking up the foul throw.

If you lose a game, invariable it's the losers of the game who fucked up... Although I acknowledge there are some games where a ref makes a huge mistake that decides the game, although. Not much different than any other player who fucks up.

We have some of the better refs, just look at cl and Europe league games to see how much they get conned in making decisions or how much they fuck up. Clattenberg is clearly one of the better ones out there.