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  1. mdharris

    Spurs in Mexico

    Didn’t find a thread on Mexico, apologies if there is already one... Just moved to Mexico City, and would be keen to catch the Spurs games if there’s a group watching them. Anyone have any info?
  2. mdharris

    SJ Earthquakes: Tottenham Hotspur announce US Tour Roster SAN JOSE, CALIF. Club partner Tottenham Hotspur, who play the San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday, July 17 at Buck Shaw Stadium at 1 p.m. PT, announced their traveling roster today. The UEFA Champion’s...
  3. mdharris

    Vamos Chile!

    Come on lads, take the top spot in qualifying. Anyone seen the matches? Hows Mati playing? Valdivia?
  4. mdharris

    Saturday Streams?

    Anyone know in advance what sites will be streaming Saturday? If so, please send me a pm, there is no coverage over here.
  5. mdharris

    Spurs in Chile ??

    Spurs in Chile Ive got a job in Santiago, Chile for the summer (or the winter as it will be down there) Are there any pubs where I can watch Euro 2008?