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  1. dimiSpur

    How to get rid of Adebayor! Contract Terminated

    Given Ade needs a sign from God to clear his locker out, I think this is the way to go for Levy if he wants him out any time soon...
  2. dimiSpur

    Pochettino's prank on Danny Rose.

    Just read that Rose has revealed that Poch pulled a cruel (but hilarious) prank on Danny. Danny's words: "So I've gone to his office, he's sat me down and said I've got something to tell you." "I said what is it and he said we've accepted a bid, we are selling you. So I said no you're not, and...
  3. dimiSpur

    Song for Pochettino

    I wish we could come up with something better than the usual "new manager's" blue and white army, or at least add to that. When he had Jol we had so many songs for him that it led to a better all round atmosphere. PAOK Salonica use a brilliant tune for songs that City used for Balotelli back...
  4. dimiSpur

    "COYS news" on Facebook

    What a useless page. Posting rubbish tonight about how pleased he is that we signed Davies for a 'bargain' price instead of Shaw. When given a differing opinion he banned me from posting. I hope whoever runs it is a member here because he ought to know he's a pedantic, arrogant, clueless...
  5. dimiSpur

    Do we get better as fans as we get poorer as a team?

    Think back to the dark old days. Shocking teams (with the exception of the odd superstar to get us out of the shit) yet the atmosphere was always something to be proud of. We got a bit better and I think the greatest atmospheres of recent times came under Martin Jol. We were on the rise, but the...
  6. dimiSpur

    Ratings v Dnipro

    Personally: Friedel: 7 MOTM - Made some good saves, much to my suprise. Naughton: 5 - Makes me wonder whether right back really is his "preferred" position. Shades of Maicon vs Bale crossed my mind. Dawson: 7 - Made some good blocks and actually did OK. Jan: 5 - Gave away a cheap penalty...
  7. dimiSpur

    Spurs victims of attempted fraud Tottenham Hotspur hit by attempted transfer fraud Tottenham have been the victims of an attempted fraud after a Croatian middleman forged a signature to try to sell them a Dutch striker. The fraudster contacted Spurs claiming FC Twente had...
  8. dimiSpur

    Auld Lang Syne from Andre and Tim

    Actually quite funny...!
  9. dimiSpur

    Charlie Adam and his latest Spurs victim

    What is the deal with Charlie Adam seemingly taking out Spurs players on purpose? He goes in with his studs high and with full force on the ankle. It's disgusting. The fans are well aware of it and yet no one, neither our own personnel (players or coaches) nor any media seem to have a go? Wenger...
  10. dimiSpur

    Theory on Mousa Dembele...

    So Mousa has come back into form in the last few matches, which is great to see as I think he's our best central midfielder in terms of ability. We often complain about how he should offer more to the team given his ability. However, consider his start to the season up until the Man Utd match...
  11. dimiSpur

    Bale song on Youtube

    Bit gay.
  12. dimiSpur

    End of season SC drink?

    I was thinking it would be cool to meet up with all fellow SCers following the good spirit created by the ticket giveaway thread! Would people be interested in a few pre-match beverages in any of the surrounding pubs? I dare say the B&H would probably suit our needs best with it being the least...
  13. dimiSpur

    Lets all laugh at Ade at least...

  14. dimiSpur

    The myth of the 60.000 seater

    I've been thinking this for some time. Do we need a 60.000 seater stadium? Yes we have a number of people on the ST waiting list, but there's no guarantees those people will buy those available ST's when their turn at the front of the queue comes around. Further to that, if we supposedly have...
  15. dimiSpur

    Should we have re-signed Berbatov?

    There were rumours of us stealing him for the peanuts price of £3m back in late August, those rumours obviously didn't come to fruition. Should we have re-signed Berbatov though? At the time I though "fuck off he's a miserable fuck that was horrible and sodded off". That could still be the...
  16. dimiSpur


    The word added to dictionaries through its creation on Soccer AM. Also the word we need to exercise in our coming games. After a lengthy run in the Premier League we have suffered a first defeat in 13 games. After a grueling week of facing Arsenal and Inter Milan, winning both, our 3rd match...
  17. dimiSpur

    Pre-game rituals?

    Does anyone have any pre-game rituals or superstitions? I used to be on the border of OCD when it came to superstitions before Spurs matches, especially NLD's. I packed them all in though thankfully! Anyone have any of their own?
  18. dimiSpur

    The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust

    What is their point? They are in a fantastic position where they are able to meet with senior Club officials. They have recently created a Twitter account (as in the past week) and I followed them. This morning they tweeted saying that the minutes of the meeting with THFC officials would be...
  19. dimiSpur

    I'd let Bale....

    The sacrificing thread. What would you let Bale do? We had a Gomes song about letting him sleep with our wives, but I think Bale deserves more. Now I'm not homosexual, but if it made Bale happy and he asked it, I'd bend over for him! Your go!