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  1. jurgen

    The Many Eyes of Erik Lamela

    We've had the 'heritage sash', the piss streaks, the map of Tottenham and all that guff that inspired our kits, but it's pretty meta for Nike to make the new training top based on coach seats from a Kyle Walker selfie..
  2. jurgen

    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    Well when your manager comes out with this, no wonder the fans are utterly deluded: Pep Guardiola came out with a neat take on how he believes Manchester City are gracing football: “I think we dignify this sport, we dignify the people who pay to watch us and see how honest we are – to play for...
  3. jurgen

    The Many Eyes of Erik Lamela

    It's almost like he's on something...:whistle:
  4. jurgen

    What the pundits are saying about us

    We have been already.. no players were appealing for Rose's VAR handball but it still happened. That must have perplexed Redknapp as well. I'd rather we get on the wrong end of VAR decisions and can clearly see why that was, rather than some of the disgraceful calls against us we have had in...
  5. jurgen

    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    I imagine they’re pissed that despite going from a two bob club to a superpower via financial doping, they’re going to miss out on one of the key benefits of being a big club, one that their neighbours enjoyed for years, namely having refs give you every bloody decision especially at home..
  6. jurgen

    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    One billion pounds of free spending on players foiled by some geezer with a hands free kit and a screen
  7. jurgen

    Match Threads Man City vs Spurs - Match Thread

    the state of man city's 'support'
  8. jurgen

    Premier League 2019/20

    So many shite teams that they will ultimately blast past though
  9. jurgen

    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    I get your point but I think the fact that you frame a positive upshot of Eriksen leaving as Dier and Wanyama getting more game time says all we need to know. Those players are in no way, shape or form, able to replicate what Eriksen does for us. We need to be less ploddy not more. Of course...
  10. jurgen

    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    And that won them the CL!? Plus enough points to win the league most years. Wouldn’t be too sniffy.
  11. jurgen

    MOTD thread

    Think of poor Ozil's eyes... if he could be bothered to run
  12. jurgen

    Player Watch Player Watch: Erik Lamela

    :ROFLMAO: Someone on an Internet forum hating Lamela because they are a ‘winner’... That said he’ll never be more than a squad player for where we are now, but he’s a perfectly decent squad player for a top team. If he can stay fit enough to be useful.
  13. jurgen

    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    If he had floppy hair and posted muggy social media posts they’d be all over him.
  14. jurgen

    Match Threads Spurs vs Villa - Match Thread

    First half = Jack Grealish's haircut Second Half = Jan Vertonghen wearing sunglasses
  15. jurgen

    Premier League 2019/20

    He'll want a chance to have another crack at us I expect
  16. jurgen

    Bruno Fernandes furious after Sporting Lisbon 'rejected deadline day transfer'

    I’m sure a few keyboard warriors wouldn’t faze Eric Dier
  17. jurgen

    Where will we finish in the league 2019/20?

    Of course they are, last season was a perfect storm but they would win the title nearly every year with that points total. Think we can catch them if they have anything like the disruption a club would normally have, but I think we'll be 3rd.
  18. jurgen

    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    Sign da ting Christian
  19. jurgen

    Featured The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - DEADLINE DAY SPECIAL!

    Given we are 45 mins after the deadline perhaps that's implied, and they are having a well earned lie down
  20. jurgen

    Player watch: Christian Eriksen

    I guess we might be playing rather differently. I think we'll be good, and we finally shifted some shite, if not all. Funny how whatever scenic route the transfer window satnav takes us we end up back at Net Spend Parkway though :)