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  1. Qualsonic

    Dave sent down!

    Vincenzo Iaquinta, better known in these parts as Dave, the striker with whom we were continually linked over the years, has been sentenced to 2 years in prison for possession of arms. In a big anti mafia case centred on Naples and the ‘ndrangheta gang, he was accused of possessing a...
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    New Kit 18-19

    So, will it be Nike, is it the end of Under Armor? Came across this on Facebook
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  4. Qualsonic

    New Kits 2015\16

    Ok, so it's time for one of my favourite threads. For no reason, other than the fact it's the first I found, and it's always good to start with a joke, here is Liverpools... Well, it's red. Nice to see New Balance in football though. I believe they took over Warrior's "soccer" division.
  5. Qualsonic

    Benjamin Stambouli

    Never heard of him.
  6. Qualsonic

    Salomon Kalou

    Linked in The Mirror today for a possible £2.5m bid, along with (yawn) Liverpool and Arsenal. Hopefully bullshit.
  7. Qualsonic

    Marco Borriello

    Sky Italia claiming we are interested in the 30yr old Roma striker. Hope not, he's useless, even on a free at £5 a week.
  8. Qualsonic

    Simple Harry Vote - Yes or No?

    Straight up poll - no reasons needed as the debate rages in many other threads - just very interested to see in black and white people's opinion.
  9. Qualsonic

    Matias Silvestre

    According to Sky Sport Italia, the player's agent is currently in London talking with Tottenham. Argentinian defender from Palermo, similar qualities to Vertonghen.
  10. Qualsonic

    Could Harry Go To The Olympics?

    ...I mean, it is for amateurs, isn't it?
  11. Qualsonic

    Parker -vs- Diarra

    Who would you prefer?