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    Giovani Lo Celso

    Wonder if this thread will pass 500 pages and 10000 posts before he signs...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 20th July 2019

    Things were always going to move slow whilst the whole team was in Asia.
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    Gareth Bale

    The BBC article was saying that if they amortise the value of all their transfers across the length of the player contracts, they are actually going to be way below the limit, because they haven't spent as much over the past few seasons.
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    The Naming Rights Thread

    Off Topic Fun fact: the laboratory model in ant man was actually the same model as the school for ants in Zoolander. On Topic - Google would be a very strong sponsor. The Stadia brand is still very much a gamble for them and isn't making much traction so I could see how this kind of linkup...
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    The Spurs Transfer Wishlist & Scouting Thread

    According to WhoScored he's the fourth highest assist maker in Europe, behind Sancho, Hazard and Messi and level with Eriksen.
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    Player Watch : Vincent Janssen

    Same as it ever was.
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    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2018/19

    We can reregister him at the end of the transfer window if players leave though surely? Not saying that you're wrong, and I think he is being trained up for a transfer, but I think it's possible he could play again if we wanted him to.
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    Player Watch: Mousa Dembele

    I agree but we also need to sell two more foreign players just to be able to register all the players we have. I can't see us making a non-UK signing unless Vorm, N'Koudou and Janssen also go this window.
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    The NFL Thread

    What is going on with the Steelers? they had a 95% chance of the playoffs back in November and then lost four. Now Antonio Brown has thrown his toys out of the pram and asked for a trade to add to the LeVeon Bell silliness. I'm tempted to say they should just trade him and bomb and start the...
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    The NFL Thread

    Well my run of lucky fantasy victories came to and end with a bang... Thought I had a pretty solid team but Amari Cooper in particular is really letting me down.
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    The NFL Thread

    Reporting for duty!
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    Stanislav Lobotka

    From the looks of preseason, we are switching to 433, so central defensive depth is not as urgent. I'd rather upgrade our forward depth if there only one position left. Dier is more than capable at CB and if we upgrade at midfield he needs to play somewhere. Lobotka looks like a true water...
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    The NFL Thread

    In true 'where in the world is Darrkespur drafting from' tradition, I'll be somewhere between Chicago and Michigan, but I'll will try to login and be there for the draft itself. I think in the past five years I've been at a music festival three times for this, a conference in France and one...
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    Jack Grealish

    I still reckon we're looking at Brozovic as well as Lobotka.
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    Jack Grealish

    Perhaps things are moving now that Sissoko is on his way? Replacing Sissoko with a HG player makes our options in other positions easier.
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    Mateo Kovacic

    I can remember other world cup year transfer windows a bit like this one, where nothing much happened for ages, and then the last few days were absolutely bonkers. Add in the new earlier date and I'm sure there's more poker games going on than normal. A lot can happen on the last day even.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 23rd July

    Perhaps we are switching our CM target to Cook (who I like) as a homegrown player , because we've changed our WF target to a non-homegrown player? Seems to be a lot of swapping around to get our ideal 2 HG and one non-HG out of our targets...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 18th June

    I would be happy to save money on the centre midfield positions if it meant we had another game changer in attack - Martial, Zaha or Bale would transform our forward potency, but I don't see a similar level talent available to us this summer at CM. Spending big on a forward and saving on...
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    Jack Grealish

    Agreed. Maddison had 14 goals and 8 assists in the championship last year, Grealish 3 goals and 6 assists. Whilst that's not the whole story, and it sounds like Grealish has progressed, I think Maddison is a step up in quality.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 22nd May

    Thanks for this Trix. We are always more prone to late-window purchases anyway and world cup years are always slow so it isn't surprising it'll take a while. I'm intrigued by what the early-closing of the British window compared to the rest of Europe will do to our chances. I genuinely don't...