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  1. si_yidarmy

    FIFA Election

    it would be incredible. We have some great stadiums in the UK and arguably it gives two seasons for some other clubs to invest in stand increases etc.
  2. si_yidarmy

    Joe Lewis’ boat

    I was calming myself down out loud
  3. si_yidarmy

    FIFA Election

    Not sure, or maybe many people have put money on it now and since the Leicester winning season they may have learnt their lesson :p Qatar would have spent pocket money on the stadiums etc. - it would be mental if they lost out. But equally if it should not have happened in the first place then...
  4. si_yidarmy

    Joe Lewis’ boat

    So he can’t afford Dombele but it’s ok .... I’m not actually going to rise to it
  5. si_yidarmy

    FIFA Election

    England hosting the 2022 World Cup has been slashed by the bookies
  6. si_yidarmy

    Ndombele admits he would be open to transfer

    Clubs know they can ask for 'silly' money now. They win either way - they will get amazing funds, or thier best player is forced to stay. Potentially having an even better season next year to give the player more money and promises. OR - go and buy two more players with the money and sell...
  7. si_yidarmy

    Villas-Boas "Tottenham Board Destroyed Everything I Built"

    AVB Played his part in our history. Whether you look at it in a positive or negative way - he had his time, there were some fantastic memories for sure. Always loved his coats, could never find out where they were from. A nice guy. I think Levy wanted us to try and copy Chelsea more at the...
  8. si_yidarmy

    Ndombele admits he would be open to transfer

    I would be open for him to join....
  9. si_yidarmy

    The astonishing amount it costs fans to watch their teams on TV in 2019/20

    I just use my Dads Virgin login now which has BT and Skysports - I just chuck him a tenner a month Will the Amazon football be counted as Amazon Prime? I have this
  10. si_yidarmy

    One Daniel Levy......

    The pressure needs to come from Pochettino in my opinion. Get me the signings or I walk. Within principle of course, I appreciate the books need balancing etc but come on. If you have to pay an extra £5/£10m for a player what difference does it make if you could potentially win the title or a...
  11. si_yidarmy

    Player watch: Danny Rose

    Danny Rose is an exceptional player and role model. It would be stupid to let him go to be honest unless he wants to go
  12. si_yidarmy

    Ex-Spurs players: Where are they now?

    Is willem Korsten still a teacher?
  13. si_yidarmy

    Kion Etete

  14. si_yidarmy

    Player Watch Player Watch: Georges-Kévin N'Koudou

    Can we pay a club to take him?
  15. si_yidarmy

    Kion Etete

    5 years time will be sold for £120m You heard it here first
  16. si_yidarmy

    Justin Edinburgh RIP

    I heard initially it was a heart attack in the gym. I feel for his family, so sad. RIP
  17. si_yidarmy

    Justin Edinburgh RIP

    This is very very sad
  18. si_yidarmy

    Player Watch: Fernando Llorente

    We need all round class in every position now. Not make dos
  19. si_yidarmy

    What do we do now?

    Ericksen needs to go, poor season overall and his head is not at spurs. You can tell from the performances. Also he never jumps for headers or likes to tackle. The players we are linked in can offer multiple skills not just a nice range of passes