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  1. Basil Brush

    Why are we doing well.

    This may have been done so mods can merge if necessary. We have no transfer budget compared to 5 of the other big 6, so why are are doing as well as we are? 1) Poch. Prob explains reason 2. 2) Our defence. Easily best in terms of depth in the league. Poch was a defender so this makes sense...
  2. Basil Brush

    3 Favourite/Best spurs players you have seen

    I was in the Dembele thread and thought about my favourite/best spurs players i had seen and reasons why. This thread has prob been done in the past but i couldn't really find it. If it has, please merge mods. My 3 best/favourite in no particular order are Ginola (In Australia, we only got...
  3. Basil Brush

    People may disagree with this.

    I believe the champions league is of "secondary" importance to this year. The league is by far the more important. Champions league is still important but our league position is more important. 2 main reasons being 1) We cant win the champions league (yet). However it is great experience for...
  4. Basil Brush

    7 games in 20 days

    So i just heard Poch mention we have 7 games in 20 days (stoke being the 1st game). That is a pretty amazing stat. Some questions. How will we cope? Is it good/bad that Poch has brought it up (although i think it was just an observation not a statement)?
  5. Basil Brush

    Hopefully somebody can answer this.

    As a spurs fan in Australia, we get a lot of information about transfer fees and even player wages. However we dont get much info on coaching wages and money spent within the club. Would anyone know what Mauricio is on? And also what we spend on coaching, scouting, player development and the...
  6. Basil Brush

    In Poch we trust.

    I thought with the season not far away, this deserved its own thread. Special credit to @eddiev14
  7. Basil Brush

    The possible positives of coming 2nd

    Ok this thread may not be popular (and i hope it is brought up at the end of the season for jokes) but i think we will end up 2nd. It will be devastating to not take the best chance for us to win the league for a long time, and possibly not for a long time to come. However I just wanted to...
  8. Basil Brush

    Question re Dier and yellow cards

    I was reading some rules the other day and one rule in particular said if you receive 10 yellow cards before april you get a 2 match ban. Now Dier is on 7 yellow cards but has already served a 1 match ban for 5 cards before January. Hence if he does get another 3 cards before April, does he get...
  9. Basil Brush

    What do we think of Poch?

    Hey guys and girls, Massive spurs fan in Australia. In saying this, I don't get much media/opinion from the UK. I wanted to see what real Spurs fans think of Poch. Imo, and it is still early, he may be 1 of the greatest managers our great club has had. There are 3 things that stick out to...
  10. Basil Brush

    Who do we beat for top 4

    Apologies if this is bad thread. I thought we would beat arsenal for that 4th place but they appear better with ozil. I personally believe man u are in trouble for top 4. It is early but any thoughts. If we beat chelsea, we are on the right track.
  11. Basil Brush

    Our transformation (with avb)

    Ok I may have dates wrong here. However since avb has come on board, we have signed Lloris, Verts, Dembele, Paulinho, Capoue, Chadli, Siggy, Eriksen, Lamela and Soldado. (I could add Vlad but see my next point) All these guys are proven either internationally and/or in champions league. All...
  12. Basil Brush

    How long until we can judge our new signings?

    I am mainly referring to our big money signings and also the age of them. My figures below are approximate. Soldado was 28m but I think he is old enough to handle any criticism if he has a lean patch. Eriksen was 11m so I have no doubt this was a bargain but he is only 21. However the one I...
  13. Basil Brush


    Based on itk update 377 from Jasper re siggy leaving. Sorry on my phone and can't quote it. Could someone help please? Thanks. Anyway what are most peoples thoughts? I personally mentioned my thoughts in adebayor thread. For those that haven't read that, I mentioned that I wouldn't sell him...