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  1. HobokenSpur

    What's happening with Stefan Freund?

    I have heard or seen nothing. I just get the perception it's Tim and les and no one...
  2. HobokenSpur

    Accepting donations for the save Arsene Wenger charity

    If we chip in a fiver each we can a save Arsene and ensure mid table mediocrity
  3. HobokenSpur

    Oh it was wonderful...

    I go to Washington DC on business every quarter, and today at Union station I see a bloke on the other side of the concourse wearing a spurs hat. What is a man supposed to do in such a situation? Well had to yell out a big 'Yid army', which, to my delight he turns round and yells out the same...
  4. HobokenSpur

    Differences between Harry and AVB

    Now that weve seen a bit more of AVB and the team are starting to gel a bit, I've been doing some research to see if we have improved in any real tangible manner or conversely regressed. The one thing that really stands out is how much better spurs are after half time under AVB than they were...
  5. HobokenSpur

    Modric who?

    There I said it. Football is a team game. 11 on 11. While talented do we really think we were better off 3 months ago. Vertonghen, Gylfi, dembele, Dempsey. Strength throughout. Mental resilience and can do attitude. Avb is the catalyst in a way that Harry could never be.
  6. HobokenSpur

    Torres to Spurs - discuss...

    No ITK or anything but, Considering the pressure on him to perform post the £50 mil move at Chelsea , what do you him to spurs under Harry's wing.