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  1. thebenjamin

    Der Spiegel Football Leaks revelations

    Good work from Der Spiegel and football leaks. How Infantino helped City and PSG swerve FFP. Plan for breakaway Superleague. Note that we weren't invited...
  2. thebenjamin

    Edwards signs new deal!

    :) NEW CONTRACT FOR EDWARDS Posted on 29 July 2017 - 15:45 We are delighted to announce that Marcus Edwards has signed a new contract with the Club until 2020. The attacking midfielder, 18, made his senior competitive debut as a substitute in our 5-0 EFL Cup third round win over...
  3. thebenjamin

    Happy birthday to GHoddle

    Got my first season ticket in 87, so only caught the last season of him. Still THE GREATEST I've ever seen by an absolute distance. For the uninitiated, watch this video. You've probably seen the spectacular goals before, but look at the passing. The back spin he puts on the passes over the top...
  4. thebenjamin

    Paul Mitchell & Rob McKenzie

    Story to follow from Daily Mail. Just when you thought everything was going smoothly... Sam CunninghamVerified account‏@samcunningham Tottenham's head of recruitment Paul Mitchell has handed in his resignation at the club. Full story @MailSport.
  5. thebenjamin

    TV fixtures question

    Anyone know when we might be told if the Southampton home game will be moved ? It's down as Saturday may 7th at the moment. They've announced some of the TV fixtures around that time but not all and I'm presuming it's going to be on TV. I'm supposed to fly to Berlin for work on the Sunday night...
  6. thebenjamin

    Poch drops science on our financial reality

    His words outline the obvious truth of why we haven't signed anyone this window, and the truth of how it has to be going forward. There will be little money for new players the next few years. Unfortunately it has a real chance to hamstring our momentum going forward if we cannot strengthen in...
  7. thebenjamin

    La la la la, you're sh********t

    Can we stop this 'hilarious' chant now? It was funny for 15 seconds against West Ham. Now for some reason it's become our go to song that's rolled out in every game. Like against West Brom and they scored 2 minutes later. And yesterday for us to lose in humiliating fashion. Why is it some of our...
  8. thebenjamin

    6 free headers in the middle of our box

    Or possibly 7, I lost count. What is that about? Obviously a deeply unsuccessful combination between Jan and Toby, neither marking properly and communication not there. But this is perennial. It seems whoever Vertonghen plays with, the opposition get free headers in our box. Is it him, is it...
  9. thebenjamin

    How can we be so unfit?

    Absolutely on our knees from 55 minutes gone. Stoke were faster, fitter stronger. Their greater stamina was startling all over the pitch. We were absolutely hanging on simply because we could not physically keep up with them. Somebody has got pre season terribly wrong on this evidence.