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    First opponents at our new home...

    Who would you like us to play in our first game ‘back home’? I’d like to see United; it’d be nice to finish at WHL then start against the same team, especially such a big name.
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    Prem Fixtures announced 9am Wednesday morning....

    Not had a lot of coverage due to the WC but next season's fixtures are out 9am Wednesday 18th.
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    Your FAPL Team of the Season

    I'd go for; Gomes Ivanovic Dawson Dunne Bale Milner Fabregas Lampard Malouda Rooney Tevez
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    Ref chose Utd end for pens

    I'm not sure if it's already been mentioned but did you know the referee gets to choose which end the penalties are taken? I'd heard this before & sure enough it's in small print in the programme. How can this work fairly?!! Surely a toss of the coin is the only way to do it. I'm not for one...