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  1. Roynie

    Two teams from one squad

    OK. Now that Man C. have been eliminated from the FA Cup by the mighty Wigan. We now have two games important games with only 2 days between them. That is between us and Palace, and us and Rochdale. So the question is what two teams from our current squad would you put out for two games, WITHOUT...
  2. Roynie

    Harry R is a real fan of what Poch is doing

    Sorry, I don't have the access to post this in the news forum, so if you want to move it Mods, please do: So Harry thinks we will win the Premiership in three to four years according to this item on BBC Football. No pressure then!
  3. Roynie

    Team togetherness ... !

    This is just something that occurred to me just now, but looking at the Front Page News Thread, there are a number of articles which hint at a more cohesive attitude amongst the first team squad. Firstly Vertonghen is saying "We must beat more big teams", then "We can cope with the injury...
  4. Roynie

    What could be the Impact of Bale signing a new Contract?

    Well, fresh from the disappointment of Wigan losing to Le Arse I have had a drink, or two! Then I got to wondering about next season if we were in the EL rather than the CL, what would be the impact on possible signings? The difference in income would be significant, as would be the exposure...
  5. Roynie

    Goals in the last 10 minutes.

    It occurred to me lst night after the epic win over Wet Spam how many goals we have score in the last 10 minutes lately. Having done a bit of searching in 'tinternet I found some really useful stuff, including times of goals scored. Before the Man U game at the Lane on we had only scored 3...
  6. Roynie

    Financial Fair Play rules - Man City & PSG warned

    I know the FFP rules have been discussed quite a few times and there has been much speculation as to whether Man City and Chelsea would get away with ingnoring them. Now comes a report from EUFA, that has been reported in a number of national papers. The Telegraph carries an interesting quote...
  7. Roynie

    Loaning players out V's Reserve side

    Having lurked on the site for quite a while, I thought it was about time I started a thread. So here goes (and please be gentle with me!) Having suffered the ignominious defeaut of 1 - 4 tonight one thing really hit me. Our players were the equal of Ars***l. Where we were lacking was in team...