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    Ticket Exchange

    Does anyone know how to take off sale a ticket on Ticket Exchange...I have been able to do it previously but on the current system I can't find a way to do unless I'm missing something obvious. Thanks
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    Villa tickets

    I've had my ticket on sale on the ticket exchange for a while now and still not sold. The ticket section on OS shows the game as sold out:???: Is anyone else experiencing the same?
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    Ticket for today

    Just to let people know, have put my ticket for today on sale on ticket exchange - if anyone is interested in going...cheers
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    Harry post match interview

    seems like he is not happy with the fans for questioning his team selection last Thursday. We did not dominate tonight and was lucky to win in the end but Harry made out that we won simply cos he rested players last week. Apparently we had 2 points after 8 games when he showed up!!
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    Where is Dan Ashcroft when you need him?

    I need DA now more than ever, he is the only one who can write well enough with optimism that will get me through this!!
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    Just back..........(added pics feb 17)

    Although a regular on here I do not post much but thought I'd share my experiences over the last 2-3 days with you all.... Back from Prague last night and happened to stay in the same hotel as the team. I had pics taken with the players aswell as having my spurs shirt signed. It was a quality...