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  1. rawhide

    Manchester United sign Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    We have ITK on Wan Bissaka: Please go rate Topper’s post on the rumours thread, rather than this one.
  2. rawhide

    [Update 28] Hertyid on Mahrez and transfer fit

    Where: dunno. COYS I think. When: today Date 20 Jul Go rep Dov's originals
  3. rawhide

    [Update 90] Trick on Poch getting who he wants

    Who: Trix Where: COYS When: 3rd July Go give Dov the love.
  4. rawhide

    [Update 83] Hertyid on Mario Suarez

    When: 2nd July Who: Hertyid Where: COYS Please rep @melih69 in the original post.
  5. rawhide

    [Update 39] JJetset on Rose

    Who:JJ Where: SC When: 6th June
  6. rawhide

    [Update 16] Jasper on £30m

    Who: Jasper Where: SO When: 22nd May Dov the uber whore deserves the ratings so please rate his original. Btw - yes the last bit is confusing as to whether Jasper means we do or don't have to sell before buying.
  7. rawhide

    [Update 16] Trix on Kono & Lavezzi

    Who: Trix Where: COYS When: 22nd May Again, please rate Tibsy's original post.
  8. rawhide

    [Update 15] Trix on Lamela

    Go rate Tibsy's original, please.
  9. rawhide

    [Update 14] Jasper on Lavezzi

    Who: Jasper When: 20 May Where: Dunno, probably COYS Please rate Dov's original post rather than this one.
  10. rawhide

    Ryantegan - Harry to the rescue?

    When: 30th Jan Who: @ryantegan Where: SC Go like the original.
  11. rawhide

    [Update 35] Hertyid on outgoings

    Not a lot of detail about where & when but go thank Septicsac for finding this snippet.
  12. rawhide

    [Update 29] Trix on Northern Loan

    Who: trix When: 8/01/2014
  13. rawhide

    [Update 13] Trix on wages not fees

    Who: Trix (Trickyvilla) When: 15 Dec Where: Bony thread
  14. rawhide

    [Update 52] Ghostfarmo on Lukaku

    Courtesy of the uber-whore @dovahkiin Where: FTL When: Today (I assume) Go like his post, not this one.
  15. rawhide

    [Update 35] Hertyid on Baldini

    Who: Hertyid Where: COYS When: 29th May Credit uber-whore @dovahkiin as usual, so go like his post, not this one.
  16. rawhide

    [Update 34] Jasper on Lloris

    Who: Jasper Where: SO When: 29th May Credit to @jair1970 for the whoring, so go give his post a like, not this one.
  17. rawhide

    [Update 4] The Journo on unrest

    Where: SC When: now 8 May
  18. rawhide

    Erik Lamela HE WAS bought as a replacement, but it now seems that Erik Lamela could be following Gareth Bale from Tottenham to Madrid in January. The Argentine ace has struggled to adapt to...
  19. rawhide

    [Update 393] Hertyid on a LB

    Who: Hertyid Where: COYS When: Deadline day We are after a LB
  20. rawhide

    [Update 205] JJ on Ins and an Out

    Who: JJetset Where: SC When; 31st July