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    New striker options

    Realistically we are not in the race for any proven strikers that become available, even the likes of Benteke may be out of our financial reach if it becomes a bidding war. So what strikers are a possibility although they may be more of a gamble, but still have the potential to be a success-...
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    Civil war amongst Spurs supporters......should they change their target?

    Anybody who visits White Hart Lane or any Spurs website forum this season knows that the in fighting amongst Spurs fans is worse than we can ever remember. The Redknapp sacking and AVB appointment has Spurs fans at each others throats like never before, with insults flowing back and forth as...
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    What does a North London derby mean to todays players?

    For those players that have come through the ranks, not that we have that many, it probably is their biggest game as the tradition of this game has been drummed into them as they have risen through the youth/reserve ranks. It probably means less to the others, a fact that is reflected in some...