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  1. Locotoro

    Juventus vs SPURS

    Can anyone comment on the style of play? I'm not watching and I'd like to know if we're playing more of a full press like we used to? Also are we building up slowly or is it more direct from the back or are we just moving the ball faster in the turnover?
  2. Locotoro

    Player Watch Dele Alli - Player watch

    He's a big confidence player. And he had a testing season. Hopefully this one is better
  3. Locotoro

    Janssen closing in on exit with medical booked on Monday

    I think there is something seriously wrong behind the scenes. I really cannot see how this has happened to a starting international striker.
  4. Locotoro

    Pochettino ready to get Spurs firing and lift the mood

    It makes no difference that he was Slovakian, it makes a difference he was not a good ref.
  5. Locotoro

    Tottenham Hotspur Women and the Super League

    I noticed we signed Gemma Davison this month. She's not going to be well known to many who don't watch Womens Football but she's an experienced player who has been at Arsenal, Liverpool and some of the US clubs. Nice girl to boot, i met her a few times when she was at Arsenal and Chelsea...
  6. Locotoro

    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2018/19

    i think that's harsh on Bostock. The kid never had a bad attitude. It was just too high an expectation on him too soon. Much like some of our current youth prospects.
  7. Locotoro

    Spurs make transfer decision on Marcus Edwards

    On one hand I'm sad to see him go if he does but on the other I'm happy to see the manager require high standards from all youth players regardless of perceived hype
  8. Locotoro

    Wanyama poised to collect British passport

    From the daily mail lol
  9. Locotoro

    Kyle: "I've stopped looking at myself as a young player"

    I sense that Poch likes him but thinks he's not ready yet
  10. Locotoro

    The Spurs Youth Thread - 2018/19

    I thought he left?
  11. Locotoro

    Zidane green lights one Pochettino request in deal for Eriksen

    The answer would be because they are trying to sell Mariano Diaz anyway. But I don't believe this will happen. He doesn't have the profile that Poch wants in a player
  12. Locotoro

    Ceballos 'chooses Spurs' for summer transfer in blow to AC Milan

    Serious question. Is Ceballos better than Winks?
  13. Locotoro

    Ceballos 'chooses Spurs' for summer transfer in blow to AC Milan

    ...I see your comment and raise you a Rudi Voller
  14. Locotoro

    Spurs' £65m deal is life changing for one Paris neighbourhood

    So does this mean they get a small cut every time he moves? Not a bad idea if that's the case
  15. Locotoro

    Ceballos 'chooses Spurs' for summer transfer in blow to AC Milan

    Still unclear on whether this is perm or loan? I don't think a loan would suit us
  16. Locotoro

    Dani Olmo: Tottenham reach agreement with midfielder’s agent

    he actually looks very good. Seems to have the type of quality that would transcend league standards (ie even though he's playing in the croatian league you can tell he's very good)
  17. Locotoro

    Premier league clubs handed transfer window boost by FFP rule change

    I'm not familiar with that quote. Can you explain what is the prune juice effect?
  18. Locotoro

    What can Spurs expect from Tanguy Ndombele?

    I think if we keep Eriksen we'll be able to see the best of him next season with Ndombele in the team. He has the ability to draw players to him like Dembele did and in the process creates space for Eriksen. Additionally I'm hopeful we'll also see a big improvement in our defensive stats