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    Player watch: Josh Onomah

    All I can say is what a shame . Really thought he’d be given the chance to work into the squad. It’s clear now he’s got to leave . I generally believe he’ll become a very good player given the chance.
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    Rose interests Paris Saint-Germain

    PSG is a nice move for Danny boy if he can't secure a move to a Northern club in England. I wish him all the best if he does leave or stay
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    Pre-season key for Kyle

    Good for him
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    Max Aarons

    I believe we are pretty strong at right back now Trippier's left he was atrocious defensively. I also believe Aurier is decent if he can stay fit KWP and Foyth ain't bad too. Imo KWP>Aarons
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    Onomah frozen out by Mauricio Pochettino

    Kane wasn't great on loan neither. There was evidence of a talented player when he was in the development squads, he was also very good in the under 21 tournament and had decent outings for us when selected in European games.
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    Juventus In for Rose

    Theres racism here but agree not close to the Leeds/North
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    Onomah frozen out by Mauricio Pochettino

    I am stunned and sad about this. Guess its time for Onomah to leave.
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    Dani Ceballos

    I'd be amazed if Tottenham went for a loan, I can't see that happening.
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    Wanyama poised to collect British passport

    What are the red tops or media trying to imply, if entitled Wanyama isn't breaking any laws. He's paid his way in taxes
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    Player watch: Josh Onomah

    The fire within Jose must be raging. How did Winks and Skipp jumped ahead of him from what we saw from the development phase, it could engage the beast of a player I for reason unknown believe is there regardless of the evident loans prior. Onomah has the talent certainly, the size no...
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    What Our Opponents' Fans Are Saying About Us 19/20

    The narrative around Harry Kane sincerely needs to's being pushed out by Spurs fans, it goes like this: we are a better team without him. How very stupid .
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    Giovani Lo Celso

    Question how much do you reckon Dele Alli is worth in the transfer market?
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    Giovani Lo Celso

    Absolutely, Sissoko is a box to box midfielder imo others might see it differently .
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    Giovani Lo Celso

    People forget Alli is still a development in progress you look at his stats they’re phenomenal. The 2018/19 season was definitely his most difficult in terms of the numbers he reached before however looking into that he played many games not fully fit Pochettino adjusted his starting positions...
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    Giovani Lo Celso

    It wasn’t it wasn’t just Eriksen we relied upon Dele Alli Kane Son and later Moura when fit Lamela . Eriksen was is important but we are far from being a one man team... ps I know you’re not claiming that to be the case.
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    Dani Ceballos

    Dele Alli was not our biggest problem how on earth did you come to that conclusion? By far our biggest problem was K Trippier. You mentioned Dele Alli flicks he hasn't changed his always played that way when they come off people go wildlife.
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    Player Watch: Kieran Trippier

    I really can't see Trippier moving a broad...for some reason i think Villa or maybe Crystal Pal might come in for him.
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    Ardiles: ‘Futile for Spurs to try and keep Eriksen’

    If he doesn't sign for one of the Spanish clubs or German giant's Eriksen could sign new terms at Spurs and that's a good thing. He is a fantastic professional I reckon once it's settled either way he'll fit back in
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    Dani Ceballos

    The Question, Is Dani Ceballos a Poch mandate player or is this a deal for Levy getting value from Eriksen's potential departure. I would very much like for us to try harder for Lo Celso he seems to be more a Poch choice. I get the impression we have a policy of buying players but now that...
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    Giovani Lo Celso

    The transfer window prices are scandalous Maguire is quoted at 90M what the bloody hell. AWB 50M not even a full international. Lo Celso at least is a fine player full international and he will definitely improve us . Looking back on transfer fee the longer you wait the more expensive players...