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  1. barrie

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 9th June 2019

  2. barrie

    Giovani Lo Celso

    you're probably not getting the best out of 'fanny' either then
  3. barrie

    CL Final where will you be watching it

    Just got back from Madrid and then Malaga and I've got to agree, all of the Liverpool fans were fantastic. Genuinely magnanimous and respectful, always offering a friendly consolation. The only aggro I saw in the entire weekend was spurs fans turning on each other after being in a crush to get...
  4. barrie

    Fans without tickets meeting up in Madrid

    are they gonna be letting that baying throng of yids outside the doors of o’brians in then?
  5. barrie

    Fans without tickets meeting up in Madrid

    shit. if anyone knows of some good alternatives (not currently rammed) please give us a heads up!
  6. barrie

    Fans without tickets meeting up in Madrid

    not getting to madrid until 5pm. any idea if james joyce is filling up?
  7. barrie

    Fans without tickets meeting up in Madrid

    3 of us ticketless fools arriving via train at madrid tomorrow either at 5pm or 2pm (depending on ticket exhangeability). holding out small hope for some cheaper tickets (around £1000) but could do with knowing exactly what marks the genuine out from the fakes (hologram, raised text etc)...
  8. barrie

    Champions League Final in Madrid - travel arrangements

    we’re arriving malaga early in the morning, but couldn’t book any earlier train than 2pm - meaning we arrive at madrid 5pm. really worried this is cutting it too fine to get a place in a pub or plaza bar (let alone our half-assed attempt at tout liaison) before kickoff. wondering if anyone has...
  9. barrie

    At THAT moment where were you and what did you do????

    Been trying to forget about the final for a few days, for the sake of my sanity and family. Just read through a few pages of this thread and I'm crying again. Thank you for validating my obsession, you mad bunch of bastards. We're gonna do it you know!
  10. barrie

    Champions League Final in Madrid - travel arrangements

    3 of us have booked flights with absolutely no idea where to sleep or how much we're willing to pay for a ticket. We fly to Malaga on the day itself, 3hr train to Madrid that arrives at 5pm. Then spend a desperate couple of hours trying to achieve the impossible. No accommodation anywhere in...
  11. barrie

    Match Threads Man City vs Spurs - Champions League - qtr. 2nd leg

    oh man... I don't post here enough, but thanks for entertaining me each and every one of you! particularly those involved in my recent read-through of pages 90-125, you know who you are COYS!
  12. barrie

    So who's going to Palace game

    ...with big ol’ bells on! after more than 35 years supporting spurs, it’s been a long wembley slog for this latecomer of a season ticket holder. i love this stadium, this club and can’t wait to scream for the team.
  13. barrie

    Match Threads Back to the Lane - Matchday - Share your photos, videos, etc!

    after sniggering at all the fools putting their finger up their pints and soaking themselves... i just couldn’t quite stop doing it myself. utterly stunning wonderful HOME!
  14. barrie

    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    that's almost exactly my seat!
  15. barrie

    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    What a relief. I'll be turning the air blue in the family section (block 510 row 14) - a great choice for architectural appreciation of our stadiums' gentle curves. My first ever 'home' season ticket after committing to the wembley mission. There may be better seats in years to come, but for now...
  16. barrie

    Tottenham vs Dortmund: CL Edition Match Thread

    I wish he'd had some crack, seems like a bucket-bong session to me!
  17. barrie

    Wembley Season Ticket Prices

    fuuuuuuck. cheers, will call again monday morning
  18. barrie

    Wembley Season Ticket Prices

    I paid for my season ticket 10th july and still haven't received it yet. anyone else still waiting? when I called ticket office 3 weeks ago they said they were working through them.
  19. barrie

    Does anyone have a song for Toby?

    "Our rock is Toby Alderweireld!"
  20. barrie

    Favourite Spurs Goal of Your Lifetime

    Mine was Harry's headed winner at the Lane against Arsenal last year. A combination of it being my first ever ticket for a premier league NLD (after supporting for 30yrs) and it happening just as my wife was in the midst of some truly horrendous cancer treatment (all clear now it seems). I stood...