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  1. Lo Amo Speroni

    Does it matter if we are in Tottenham?

    The takeover thread and the talk of a temporary home in Milton Keynes has got me wondering about whether the stadium needs to be in Tottenham. So a poll, if a piece of land became available within 10 miles would this be okay to you. Let's assume it's cheaper, good road and rail links and not...
  2. Lo Amo Speroni

    Totepool Jumps tentofollow

    Anybody entered this? Big change to the layout and some rule changes that make it interesting. Don't know how many on here follow the horses but I thought a thread for the season would be good if enough people enter it. Only £5 an entry this year which seems pretty cheap with a guarranteed...
  3. Lo Amo Speroni

    Excited for the new season?

    I am fed up with reading the ITK section, otherwise known as the suicide watch and wanted to express that I am so looking forward to the start of a brand new season. I know we had the Euro's and the Olympics but God, I cant wait for Saturday. No matter who starts up front :)
  4. Lo Amo Speroni

    What is Daniel Levy thinking?

    We have talked a great deal about whether we should keep Harry as our manager and also about our summer targets. I am wondering what people believe our chairman is thinking is the best thing to do for Spurs?
  5. Lo Amo Speroni

    Enjoy the run in............

    I have noticed how pessimistic people are and I am struggling to understand why? We have a battle for third ongoing with our arch rivals and about to play an FA Cup semi final against another London rival. Our team play good passing attractive attacking football, so why not sit back and...
  6. Lo Amo Speroni

    Premier League UCL spaces?

    If some or all of the English teams fail to get through to the knockout stages, does it have an effect on how many places the premier league have next season?