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  1. Singayid


    My cousins husband, Matt Henderson #help4matt, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer & his family are trying to raise money for treatment in the US. He is such a kind, wonderful man. Everyone who has ever come into contact with him will tell you he would do anything for anyone. They have an 11...
  2. Singayid

    Transfer window, ITK - who cares????

    Just a thought as to how lucky we really, really are: You have to also say a big, big thank you to our (ex) man Defoe for making this little chaps last months something special :(
  3. Singayid

    wishing all SC a happy new year

    Happy new year from all of us in Sinagpore. let's hope for a good game against the manure. COYS
  4. Singayid

    Happy new year........

    happy new year to all coysers from Singapore:beer:& here's to a super supers remaining season Andrew, Jacob