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    The VAR Thread

    As I posted in the match thread, I don't think it had any effect last night, and the narrative of downplaying our achievements was continued with it. 1. Llorente goal - ref gave it...they was checked and ref stayed with his decision. 2. Sterling 'goal' - Lino kept flag down as...
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    Match Threads Man City vs Spurs - Champions League - qtr. 2nd leg

    This ! The ironic thing about this game is how its always going to be remembered for VAR, and used to try and take credit away from us. But in fact : (1) Ref gives Llorente goal. Is persuaded to check it on VAR - and no decision change. (2) Lino keeps flag down as per 'play on if unsure...
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    Tottenham Hotspur Goals & Assists 2018/2019

    i think we shud decide our own assists and not be beholden to some outside body !
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    The VAR Thread

    I really rated this posting by Mr Drink, but think it will get lost in the Manshitty thread, and deserves to be an ongoing theme, especially as our esteemed manager has spoken out against its current usage. So let me first move the excellent post to here and then comment on it. Sorry I cant...
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Man City - Match Thread - CL Quarter Finals 1st leg

    This is too important not to have its own thread so I will create one