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  1. spud

    Why Poch might leave.......and why he might stay

    So arguably the biggest job in club football has just become available and our manager is obviously a leading contender for it. We should be concerned. While there was a lot of chatter about him going to Madrid in the summer that wasn't nearly as worrying as the vacant Man. United job. Following...
  2. spud

    Younes Kaboul

    Younes Kaboul has hardly played for us in the last two seasons. Since being injured in the first game of last season, he has only just returned to the team. Consequently, I don't expect that we will see him return to be the player who we know until next season. He will have had the arse end of...
  3. spud

    Is Sherwood the worst manager we've had?

    After the seemingly endless changes of manager we've had in the last few years, I was really hoping that Sherwood would be good. That he would get the best from the players at his disposal and 'take us on', building on the good work of Redknapp (in parts) and AVB (in parts) and make us better. I...
  4. spud

    Sandro: Tottenham's 'Beast' focused on Brazil World Cup place

    Source: BBC Sport. Author: Ben Smith They may call him 'The Beast' but after a few hours in the company of Sandro Raniere Guimaraes Cordeiro it becomes clear this is a man very much in love with the beautiful game. It is a cold, crisp December day in London. The setting could not be more...
  5. spud

    Football365 Mediawatch and the AVB witch hunt

    I have been an amused reader of Mediawatch on Football365 for a while now, and thoroughly recommend it. It looks at the utter nonsense spouted by the tabloids and rips the piss out of it. I thought I'd share its comments from the last couple of days on the latest campaign against AVB. First...
  6. spud

    Goons get ref help shocker

    Against Sunderland, the ref blew for a free kick after the Goons Bacari Sagna narrowly failed to wrestle Sunderland's Altidore to the ground. Neither Altidore nor Sagna heard the whistle, and when Altidore carried on and scored the goal was not allowed. It was a terrible decision by the ref, who...
  7. spud

    The Outsiders: understanding Tottenham Hotspur's daring rebuilding project

    By Mike L. Goodman. Source: (The author says 'soccer' when he means 'football', but it's quite an interesting read nonetheless.) Soccer is a world of haves and have-nots. The richest teams in the world, by and large, are also the most successful. For the Real Madrids...
  8. spud

    Songs we don't sing

    Poor old Mousa Dembele. He signs in August, is arguably our best player in the early part of the season, and is always first choice when he's fit, but we don't have a song for him. Then Lewis Holtby signs in January and we're singing his name almost as soon as the ink on his contract is dry...
  9. spud

    What a shit week

    Tuesday Half time at the Death Star and Wigan have been better than the goons. At 1-1 all they have to do is keep playing the same way to avoid defeat and give themselves a chance on sunday while putting our fate back into our hands. Then their 'keeper decides to defend a cross like a sunday...
  10. spud

    Lucky Arsenal?

    Earlier today I watched most of the second half of Arsenal v Norwich. When I started watching Norwich had just scored to take a 1-0 lead. The remainder of the game saw the goons huff and puff and have most of the posession while Norwich held their shape and restricted them to one chance of...
  11. spud

    John Pratt, Mark Falco, Jake Livermore

    A question for you: what do John Pratt, Mark Falco, and Jake Livermore have in common. Answer: they were, or in Jakes case are, all the target of a section of our fans' displeasure. Thay have all, at some point, become the scapegoat for some perceived failing of our team. Plus they are all...
  12. spud

    26th February

    Spot the difference. 26th February 2012: Lose 5-2 away at what somebody on COYS calls The Death Star :) . A 2-0 lead evaporates and precipitates a meltdown that becomes the stuff of nightmares. Third in the table with 53 points from 26 games. Seven points ahead of the Goons in fourth and...
  13. spud

    Two week break

    Sorry if I've missed something obvious, but why is Liverpool v Swansea the only fixture next weekend with everybody else - including us - not playing?
  14. spud

    Gallas: how much longer Andre?

    This comment isn't just about yesterday, but that game does provide a couple of excellent examples of my point. As I see it our main problem is that we can't defend. We can't defend leads, we can't keep clean sheets, we always concede. There are always numerous reasons for this, but one stands...
  15. spud

    Dawson and Gallas

    I was a little surprised that we are prepared to sell Michael Dawson. It is argued that he is too slow for the defensive 'high line' and he is not universally popular for looking for a long ball. Plus he is nearing thirty and the reported fee represents decent value - especially if you are...
  16. spud

    Are Chelski really buying our targets?

    There's been a lot of talk about keeping our transfer targets under wraps so that Chelski don't find out and swoop in with a huge bid and wages offer. But are they really targetting who we want? They certainly seem to have been buying players as though there were a shortage, and I hadn't seen us...
  17. spud

    [Update 262] Dragon1 apology

    From: Dragon1 via CAS Where: COYS When July 24th to those at thfc who monitor ..... spurs message boards my sincere apologies if I caused any issues by posting regarding my time spent with the players and coaches last night,I am just an American based spurs fan enjoying time with his heroes...
  18. spud

    Brave new world?

    It's 2:33am UK time on saturday 7th July 2012. The ITK Discussion and Twatter threads have been awash with takeover talk. We are receiving a large amount of investment cash. No we're not, we're being taken over - by one of two arab family concerns that might or might not be the same family. At...
  19. spud

    [Update 131] Atlanta Yid re Moyes / Blanc / AVB

    Who: Atlanta Yid Where: COYS When: June 20th 2012
  20. spud

    Our best team?

    The gist of discussions on SC recently seems to have been that our best formation is 4-2-3-1, and that we should play it in every game. There also seems to be a consensus that we should also play our best team in all of our remaining fixtures. But what is our best team? If we do play 4-2-3-1...