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  1. jedimonkey

    Spurs youngster who retired about 6-7 years ago

    Can someone help me remember who he is? He played up front and I remember him being on old football manager games from about 6-7 years ago, and then something happened to him and there was an article on the OS saying thoughts were with his family and then nothing else. He still appeared on...
  2. jedimonkey

    Lumplard joining Man City?!

    Guardian are reporting a short term loan. Well their midfield does lack width I suppose.
  3. jedimonkey

    [Update 213] The Journalist on Bale rumours

    the majority of things being said in the media are wrong. bale has not asked to leave.
  4. jedimonkey

    Keisuki Honda

    Linked in the Daily Star. That'll cheer up the poster who has been saying we should sign him everyday. :)
  5. jedimonkey

    [Update 45] rebrab on the Journalist's ITK

    Who: rebrab When: 02/06/2013 Where: SC In response to people talking about the Journalist's update, rebrab had this to say. I don't know a lot about the journos info, but if by the four "unknown/youths" he means they won't go straight into the playing squad, he is ill-informed. If he means...
  6. jedimonkey

    Eagles that look like Arsene Wenger Found this yesterday. Kept me amused for a bit. Some are very good.
  7. jedimonkey

    [Update 77] ryantegan - update

    Where: SC When: Jan 25th Who: ryantegan I've dug and questioned and begged an prossied myself out. Verdict for the last week of transfer window? Holtby 9/10 Negredo 8/10 A.n.other 5/10
  8. jedimonkey

    Fantasy Twatball - Euro 2012 Edition

    I know there is already a fantasy football league setup for the Euros but I thought I'd post this as well as it's a brilliantly different take on the normal FF games. Introducing Fantasy Twatball! I know the guys who created this and I've been playing it for the last 8 years. Basically you...
  9. jedimonkey

    The 25 man squad

    Ok, so we can take this chat away from the Daily ITK thread I have created this thread. We currently have 29 players at the club (not including the players out on loan) over the age of 21 which means that if we don't sign anyone else before the end of the window that we would have to name 25...