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  1. LexingtonSpurs

    White Hart Lane station set to be renamed

    This is nothing more than to take White Hart Lane out of the lexicon. It sounds like stadium sponsors aren't willing to bite unless Spurs take pro-active steps to keep supporters from referring to the new stadium as NWHL.
  2. LexingtonSpurs

    Mauricio Pochettino

    I am more worried about Poch labeling Barcelona as the CL favourites. Pep will be wanting to set Poch straight on that one...
  3. LexingtonSpurs

    Let's All Laugh At... let's all laugh at United

    Surely they have already offered the full-time job to Solskjaer, right? Asking for a friend...
  4. LexingtonSpurs

    The Formula 1 Thread

    Crazy that Bottas had enough left in his tires to set the fastest lap on the final lap of the race.
  5. LexingtonSpurs

    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    If they win - we play Crystal Palace on April 3 in the home opener If they lose, we will play Brighton on April 6 in the home opener
  6. LexingtonSpurs

    The Formula 1 Thread

    So much for the Ferrari advantage over the winter...
  7. LexingtonSpurs

    The Spurs Transfer Wishlist & Scouting Thread

    Does the manager know what he wants?
  8. LexingtonSpurs

    The Spurs Transfer Wishlist & Scouting Thread

    Its time to win now - not start another project.
  9. LexingtonSpurs

    Race for the Top 4 - 2018/19

    This was on the OS: If Brighton lose their FA Cup quarter-final match on Sunday 17th March we shall play Brighton on 6th/7th April (subject to Champions League scheduling) and Crystal Palace on 23rd/24th April.
  10. LexingtonSpurs

    Agent says on live TV midfielder is joining Tottenham

    This is what passes for News these days? Sad. Even the article itself thinks its bogus: "It’s not just us. Outlet ABC, from Paraguay, where the player was born, doesn’t trust the claims either. The outlet points out that Julio Cesar Torres hasn’t played for Blooming de Santa Cruz’s first...
  11. LexingtonSpurs

    Who do we want in the last 8 of the Champions League?

    That was announced ahead of time - its in the UEFA rules - if there is a conflict - the team that finished lower in the league the previous year will have their match switched.
  12. LexingtonSpurs

    Who do we want in the last 8 of the Champions League?

    I look at it this way - get past Man City and its easy sailing after that...
  13. LexingtonSpurs

    Who do we want in the last 8 of the Champions League?

    I, for one, am shocked that it worked out that way.
  14. LexingtonSpurs

    The England Thread

    I support all the Spurs players on international duty. Spurs do get a benefit - as the more players who are internationals, the more widely supported the club becomes - which leads to more revenue directly, and indirectly via more TV matches. I understand the concern about burning the players...
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    The England Thread

  16. LexingtonSpurs

    The England Thread

    Dele, Dier, Trippier, Rose, Kane - all called up.
  17. LexingtonSpurs

    Let's All Laugh At... Let's All Laugh At West Ham

    By "beast" I assume you mean "donkey"...
  18. LexingtonSpurs

    Champions League 2018/2019

    You spelled Man City wrong
  19. LexingtonSpurs

    Champions League 2018/2019

    Pretty sure we will get Juve in the next round...