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    Spurs Kit Sizing

    I've not been able to try on the new Spurs kit yet and I'm just wondering if it's the same sizing as last years kit. I am a medium in most UK clothing but am a small in spurs kits. Thanks.
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    Spurs clothing sizing

    Hi, I'm a medium in most high street brands but I have had to buy the replica kit in size small. Is this the same with the coats and jackets? Will medium be like a dress on me or will I have to go small again ? Cheers.
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    spurs third kit size

    Hi, I am looking to buy the third kit online and i'm just wondering if they are the same sizes compared to the other kits. I am a medium but I am small in spurs kits and wondering if they are all the same sizes as I cant try them on. thanks
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    gallas signs for spurs video