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  1. pjspur1961

    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Isn’t that just covering whilst they’re still working on that section of the roof? Looks that way, but could be that my eyesight is a bit dodgy
  2. pjspur1961

    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    To be fair, we’ve all been crying out for better fan engagement.
  3. pjspur1961

    Season Ticket Renewal Thread (Read first post)

    Block 302 row 61 for me, got in nice & easy, selected the seat with no issues. After payment went through, an error message popped up saying “unfortunately we cannot confirm your purchase at this time”. Half hour phone call to confirm that it’s a system fault that doesn’t link the client...
  4. pjspur1961

    Semi final draw

    Last year, they announced the semi final dates on the Friday after the q/f weekend. Assuming it would probably be the same this year.
  5. pjspur1961

    F.A. Cup 2017/18

    Haven’t we been using the “away” dressing room at Wembley all season? Is it wrong that an active player was partaking in the draw?
  6. pjspur1961

    The Championship 2017-18

    As we know, transfer fees aren't the only factor. Why would highly sort after players like Tyrone Mings (£8m) and Callum Wilson, along with a host of players coming from the Prem join a team that finished 11th in the champo the previous season? I like that Bournemouth are in the Prem, mainly...
  7. pjspur1961

    The Championship 2017-18

    Not exactly true, when they got promoted to the championship, they had the highest spend in league one, dwarfing everyone else. When they were in the championship, they were only outspent by Notts Forest, 'Boro & Leeds, but they also had far less income to net off against. Leeds & Forest were...
  8. pjspur1961

    Wembley Season Ticket Roll Call

    Block 536, Row 5, Set 281 (y)
  9. pjspur1961

    Help needed on NLD ticket

    I had this last year, was only when I got the confirmation that I noticed it was "over 65". Had no problem at all collecting the ticket or getting in, you'll be fine buddy (y) Enjoy the game!
  10. pjspur1961

    RIP Ugo Ehiogu

    Can only echo the vast majority of posts already made. The effect he had on our club in the 3 years he was with us will be felt for many years to come, and for that I'm truly thankful. RIP Ugo, we're all proud of what you achieved
  11. pjspur1961

    Two free tickets vs Bournemouth

    @martynpritch What a top thing to do!
  12. pjspur1961

    Semi Final Tickets!!

    Log onto your account, go to transaction history and it'll show your ticket purchases in there They may still be processing some so might not show, but should do by the end of the day
  13. pjspur1961

    Semi Final Tickets!!

    I got one with 182, 2 missed out with the highest having 133
  14. pjspur1961

    Ticket Ballot

    So on that basis, someone with less loyalty points than me could potentially get a ticket because they are willing to sit in West Upper? I chose based on my preferred seats, rather than price. Might have to change my application
  15. pjspur1961

    Ticket Ballot

    Pretty sure I know the answer, but hoping someone has had this situation and can confirm for sure. If I apply for 2 tickets, and one has enough LP's and the other doesn't...the one with enough still gets a ticket, right? I'm on 181 LP's so it's twitchy bum time I think!
  16. pjspur1961

    Pubs for Wembley

    In exactly the same situation, work 2 mins from Watford junction...can't decide whether to go from Watford Met or the junction. Am swaying towards getting the overground to Wembley Central from WJ and walking from there to The Torch
  17. pjspur1961

    What our opponents' fans are saying

    Something from Fiorentinas fan site Not sure what to make of this, seems like it's been written by a gooner on the wind-up....serious? or just tongue in cheek? Lads, we...
  18. pjspur1961

    Cashing out now.

    Fuck cashing out! What will be will be....whatever happens this season won't have been a complete disaster. We're punching well above our weight, what with experience, staff, wages, stadium size, turnover etc etc.
  19. pjspur1961

    SpursCommunity Predictor Competition 2015/2016

    I'm in..... H/T: Man U 0 - Spurs 0 F/T: Man U 0 - Spurs 2 - Kane
  20. pjspur1961

    Watford Fan - Nick Cruwys

    Got the news today that a Watford supporting friend went to the Wolves game on Saturday, and has yet to return to his family home. He was attacked on his way to the station and is now in a coma. Wherever I've travelled with Spurs, the thought of not getting home safe & well has never crossed...