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    Player Watch Player Watch: Harry Kane

    I expected the memes and jokes on social media. But Salah's tweet was cringe- one of the front runners for player of the year, 5 goals ahead for golden boot but clearly threatened looking over his shoulder. I can't believe that hasn't received more stick from fans
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    Serge Aurier

    Certainly a player you would rather play with than against. I assume this is one of the Hitchen specials we have heard about; I'm delighted if it comes off.
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    Danny Rose

    Extremely unprofessional no matter the level of truth. We should be ruthless and send a message: stick him in the reserves for a year without any games and then he misses out on the World Cup. How do you like that? Need to move closer to home, Danny? Great, you can get your move to Leeds...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 18th July

    Interesting choice of song for the OP: "Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli"
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    Ratings vs WBA

    First goal in this type of fixture (WBA and a Pulis team) is always important. The pass from Eriksen and finish from Kane was superb; but have a look at Eriksen before he receives the ball - he points exactly where he wants it and knew what he wanted to do and where Kane was. That sort of vision...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The Sell You Light Edition 7th August 2013

    Have a peak in the Ilori thread for some ITK from the soon to be retired
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 18th June 2013

    Buy-out clauses, I'm speculating, are easily matched when you pay the fee and be done with it. I'm sure its more complicated when it comes down to paying in installments and add-ons etc
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - THE DONATION EDITION 24th August 2012

    If VDV leaves it'll be back to Germany! You get the impression he loves it too much here and the only reason to leave would be for personal reasons... I will be bleak but can accept it if it's for his family! He's not going to United
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 20th June 2012

    Corluka must be russian to pack his bags and leave......